Mechanics of Machine Quilting Web Seminar: Improve Your Skills

Want to know how to machine quilt or improve your existing skills? Join artist Sarah Ann Smith for an informative web seminar, Mechanics of Machine Quilting, on Thursday, September 5, at 12p.m. EST. Learn the fundamentals of the quilting process!

Sarah will cover a range of helpful topics:

  • Preparing your workstation and tools for an effective quilting session
  • Which needles and thread are best for specific projects
  • Proper sewing machine tension
  • How to baste a quilt in order to get smooth, even layers
  • Practicing good ergonomics so you're comfortable while you're quilting
  • Making sure your vision is in good standing to accurately see your projects and workstation
  • And more!

Practice makes perfect, and machine quilting is no exception. Sarah will not only run you through the elements of this process, but she will also encourage you to be comfortable with your beginner status. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn machine quilting techniques from the start! Register now.

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