Meet Three Favorite Quilt Artists

quilt artistspokey boltonI have worked with many, many talented art quilters in my day. Some I admire most for their artistry, some for their ingenuity, some for their ability to teach, and some because they are just a blast to be around.

There are several quilting artists who possess all of those traits, and I'm pleased to report that many of them will be sharing their skills, ideas, and sparkling personalities at the CREATE retreat in Costa Mesa, California, May 18-22. 

Today I thought I'd give you some 'up close and personal' insight into three quilt artists who never cease to make me think, laugh, and want to create. All three of these artists were guests on "Quilting Arts TV" Series 700.

First up is Jane LaFazio who seamlessly incorporates stitch, paint, and collage into her art. I've never known her to be other than upbeat and full of ideas.

When did you start creating art? How long have you been teaching?

I've always been creative, enjoyed working with my hands, and making things. I have a degree in graphic design, but worked more in the technical illustration area until I took a watercolor class in 1992. I realized that I could draw, and that I loved to paint. I started adding to collage to my paintings, then sewing on my paintings, then sewing on cloth and now, when I describe what I do, I say that I'm an artist who works in paper and cloth. I started teaching about eight years ago. I really enjoy teaching and the creative sharing that takes place in the classroom.

quilt artist jane lafazioWhat other hobbies to do enjoy besides making art?

Art is certainly my number one activity, I'm either making it or teaching it or blogging about it! I love yoga, taking walks, spending time in nature, and coffee dates with my husband.

What is your favorite memory of CREATE 2010?

I loved the group get-togethers, seeing all the students and teachers in one room! I loved the Artists' Faire with the opportunity to purchase from my favorite artists. This year I'm going to encourage all my students to show their work at the student showcase too-it's great to see what people have created in all those workshops!

Next up is the teaching pair (or should I say 'comedy team'?) of Jamie Fingal and Leslie Jenison. These two always crack me up, but they are seriously creative artists.

How did you two meet?

Leslie and Jamie: We became acquainted through the quiltart online news list and met in person at the 2003 Houston quilt festival. We have a number of things in common and this drew us together initially. The first time we team-taught was at International Quilt Festival/Long Beach, when we decided it would be fun, and possibly a bit less stressful, if we helped each other out with our individual workshops.

Through that experience we discovered that we work well together, and I believe we bring a variety of strengths to the working relationship that complement one another quite well. The same is true for curating exhibitions! We are passionate about what we do, as both artists and instructors, and we love to have a good time together. There is no shortage of fun and laughter when we talk on the phone or are in the same room together!

Can you tell us a little more about what students can expect out of the workshop you'll be teaching at CREATE Costa Mesa?

Leslie and Jamie: Separately from each other we have been experimenting with laminating paper and cloth together. This seems like a very interesting way to create a unique material which can be used for a wide variety of textile, quilt, and mixed-media work. It is a technique that is not taught very often, because of the many supplies that are needed. Since one of us lives locally, we knew it could be done, and we are thrilled to offer this two-day workshop!

What other hobbies to do enjoy besides making art?

Leslie:  I am an avid photographer, reader, cook, blogger, and gardener.  I am also a private pilot.

Jamie:  I also enjoy gardening, reading, writing, photography, have a few blogs, and I love to cook. 

These are just three of the amazingly talented artists who will be teaching at CREATE Costa Mesa May 18-22. For a full list of the instructors and their classes, event details, and more artist interviews, visit the CREATE Retreat website.

Sign up soon if you don't want to miss out. These classes are filling quickly.

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  1. These are 3 of my favorite people! so fun to be around, they inspire you to try new things while keeping the mood light and relaxed. Any class with them is sure to get your creative juices flowing with a smile on your face!