My Must-Read Quilt & Surface Design Books

An example of one of my previous forays into
breakdown printing.

pokey boltonNow that the weather has finally turned and we have warmer, sunnier days ahead, I can't wait to bring out the portable tables and dye equipment to my driveway to screen and paint yards and yards of fabric.

I dye and screen primarily in the summer months. So by the time winter and spring are over and summer comes around again, I often need a refresher course to remember all of the necessary steps for screening and dyeing. 

I also love the look of deconstructed fabrics. So when Breakdown Printing: New Dimensions for Texture & Colour came out, I devoured it in one sitting. Authors Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan cover so much material for screening in this book that I keep it nearby on my must-have shelf so I can get to it quickly and easily.

From the Sampler Series in
Quilting Line and Color.

Summer is also when I like to trade my warm, fluffy bed comforter for a lighter-weight covering. Since I can't sleep under an art quilt, I like to sleep under the next best thing: a contemporary quilt with modern designs.

I can't wait for a long weekend in my studio so I can make a couple of the quilts in Quilting Line and Color: Techniques and Designs for Abstract Quilts. The quilt designs in this book are so fresh and light, with a great expanse of white that shows off the quilting stitches.

Well, these are my favorites, what are yours? Tell me in the comments section below.

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Fortunately, I'm all set with my books and supplies. Now all I need to find are three days to spend in the studio!

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One thought on “My Must-Read Quilt & Surface Design Books

  1. How does one decide which fabric surface design treatment to explore?
    Would love to hear from others on how and why they made their decisions, because “I WANT TO DO IT ALL”
    Lynne Sward