My New Inspiration to Quilt

Over the weekend, my fiancé and I adopted our first pet – a 1 year old rescue cat we named Ringo Star. He is adorable, and both of us absolutely love him. Naturally, since I am trying to think of ideas for decorating all of the wall space in our new hosmall quilting projectsme, I thought that it would Ringo Star, Lindsey's new catbe nice to make one of my small quilt projects in Ringo's image for the walls.

Unfortunately that isn’t really working out yet, since my studio is still in boxes. This weekend I think that I might have to start organizing the studio, just so I can get around to the fun stuff.

In order to try and inspire myself to clean up my studio, I decided to take a look at some past QATV projects that are pet related. I found this quilt-in-a-day project by Pokey Bolton and this project by Faith Cleary that uses fabric scraps, and am now excited to try them so I think that I really have to clean up my studio…

What inspires you to clean your studio?

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One thought on “My New Inspiration to Quilt

  1. What inspires me to clean my studio/workshop is when my husband stands in the doorway, looks around slowly and then looks at me and says, “So which of these projects are you hoping to finish this week?” I know then that it is pretty bad so I get to work finishing each and every project and clean the workshop like I am going to sell the place…….then I start on more projects!