New: Our Free Guide to Machine Needle Felting for Quilters

I used to look at my little bits of this and that–fancy fibers, silk and wool roving, hand-dyed gauze, threads, and vintage lace–and wonder what I could do with them. They were too good to throw away, too small to be used. Or so I thought, until I learned how to do needle felting with a machine.

Suddenly, I could use those fiber bits to create unique pieces of fabric, embellishments, backgrounds and more. Machine needle felting projects took over my studio: I was hooked.

In our Free Guide to Machine Needle Felting for Quilters, you will learn from three pros how to design, create, and embellish machine needle-felting projects and incorporate them into your fiber art.

lafazio machine needle felting
Close-up of a machine needle-felting project with
hand embroidery, by Jane LaFazio.

The first machine needle-felting how-to comes from Jane LaFazio, who has taught many workshops on needle felting. In Needle-Felted & Hand-Stitched Fiber Art: Working in a Series, she shares advice on how to use the needle-felting machine, how to store your supplies, and step-by-step instructions for creating your felted art.

quilt with machine needle felting jenison
Machine needle felting adds texture to this quilt by Leslie Tucker Jenison.

Next, in Stepping Out: Take Machine Needle Felting to The Next Level, Leslie Tucker Jenison explains how to incorporate needle felting into a small, stitched quilt, using Timtex as a foundation.

needle felt bolton needle felting machine
Needle-felt project
by Pokey Bolton.
A needle-felting machine uses barbed needles to enmesh fibers.

Finally, in Field of Flowers, Pokey Bolton shows you how to design a landscape composition for needle felting using photo-editing software. Then she walks you through the needle-felting process.

Our Free Guide to Machine Needle Felting for Quilters will help you create well-composed designs that make use of all those fabulous fibers we love so much. Download your copy now.

P.S. Do you have friends who would like to learn about machine needle felting? Forward this link to them so they can download their own Free Guide to Machine Needle Felting for Quilters.

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