Our Favorite Quilting Arts Issues Revealed

Many of you probably know I have five furry, four-legged "children." But did you know I feel a similar motherly instinct toward Quilting Arts Magazine? Asking me to choose a favorite issue is like asking me to choose a favorite child. I love them all equally!

Having said that, an issue I revisit again and again is our April/May 2007 edition. I love the sea horse by Kathy York that graces the cover. It's a close-up of a collaborative quilt Kathy made with some of the most talented quilt artists in the country, and the full quilt and story behind it are featured in this issue.

Some of the most respected artists in the world have articles in this issue, including Jane Dunnewold, Linda and Laura Kemshall, Melanie Testa, Lyric Kinard, and Wen Redmond, to name just a few. They cover everything from fabric collage and dimensional embellishment to silk painting and contour drawing with your sewing machine. I hope I don't sound boastful when I say it's a fantastic edition!

Since I can only bring myself to name one issue I'm partial to ever-so-slightly more than the others, I asked the other Quilting Arts editors what issues stand out most in their minds.

Managing Editor Helen Gregory

Oh my gosh, how could I ever possibly choose? I love them all, seriously. But if I have to pick, I would say one of my favorites is June/July 2009.

Like all issues of Quilting Arts, this one is packed with gems, and several articles particularly spoke to me. I was especially taken with Jackie Cardy's "Retro-inspired Stitch Samplers." I find her designs and use of color very appealing, and the unexpected combination of fibers with machine stitching is delightful. Jill A. Kennedy's "Florabundance" is also appealing due to the colors, unusual surface preparation and materials, and abundance of machine stitching.

Sue Kelly's pieces from "Quilt then Paint" are just wonderful; I was so fortunate to be able to see these pieces in person. It's worth experimenting with the technique she presents just to see the sparkle and dimension that one can create with this method–it is impossible to fully convey the effect on the printed page.

And finally, Linda Colsh's article, "Deconstructed Rubbings" was quite timely. When we were working on this issue I was taking a printmaking class, so I was especially inspired by all of the textures Linda incorporated into her low-relief rubbing plates; I worked up some great collagraphs with inspiration from this article.

Assistant Editor Pippa Eccles

I'd have to say the December 2008/January 2009 issue is my favorite. It has a lot of colorful, fun artwork in there and a wide variety.

I love Malka Dubrawsky's quilt on the cover and her dyeing technique in the article "Optical Illusion: Combining itajime with commercial fabrics." I also love Judy Coates Perez's article, "Who Knew? Another Option for Dyeing," because I secretly like RIT dyes, too.

Then there's Jeannie Palmer Moore's article, "All Tied Up: A New Twist on Using Men's Ties in Quilts," which is fun, and Jude Hill's "Quilting a Story"-I love her hand stitching.

OK, readers, we revealed our favorite issues. How about you? What's your favorite issue of Quilting Arts, and why? Leave a comment below.

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7 thoughts on “Our Favorite Quilting Arts Issues Revealed

  1. how can I leave a comment when I do not get my magizines? I renewed for two years and got nothing for two months or more now. I have called, writen and did every thing I could think of and nothing. NO Magazines even tho I payed for them!

  2. To: Jaketheduck,

    Please email me directly and I will be able to help with your subscription. My email is smurray@interweave.com. Please include your name and address and I will get this straightened out for you as soon as possible.

    Have a great day. 🙂

    Thanks! Sally

  3. Dec.09/Jan10 issue, because of the cover. Is it paint? Is it photo? Even after reading about the quilt’s construction it was hard to comprehend it wasn’t a photo. I had husbands and non-quilters all looking at the pix. Incredible seals!

  4. My favorite issue would be fall ’02 or summer ’03 because of the articles on hand beading. If I had a complaint about Quilting Arts it would be that i cannot get issues 2-6. Have you ever thought about reprinting these issues for those of us who found your magazine too late?

  5. I loved all the issues when you had creative garments – was the spring editions before you went to 6 x a year – any chance you will bring that idea back again?

  6. Hi Merna,

    Thank you for your feedback. Wearable art submissions have been on the decline over the past four years, and that is one of the reasons we no longer focus on wearable art for an entire issue. Despite my own love for wearable art, our reader surveys have indicated that wearable art is not of great interest to our readership. If, however, we receive strong submissions for wearable art, we will certainly publish them!