Our Gift to You Free Quilted Bag Patterns

Heading out for a party on New Year's Eve and want to carry a stylish bag? Resolved to carry an eco-friendly tote bag rather than choose paper or plastic in 2010? Still looking for a last-minute homemade gift to whip together before Christmas? Maybe you just can't get enough quilted handbags?

Then you're in luck, because our gift to you this holiday season is our FREE downloadable eBook, Seven Quilted Bag Patterns: Handmade Quilt Bags from Quilting Arts. You can go quilt crazy with these quilted bags–there's a quilted bag pattern for every style and every occasion.

How about a quick and easy gift bag? Melanie Testa's Pretty Purses are made from small quilted sandwiches you can personalize any way you like. Linda and Laura Kemshall's Easy & Elegant Quilted Bag is a triangular cotton quilt bag pattern you can put together in no time. Just add free-motion stitching, handmade appliqué, or beading. Add a strap and you can use it as a quilted shoulder bag. 

For a night on the town, you'll want to try one of three Classic Evening Bag patterns by Susan Brubaker Knapp. You can combine fabrics, stitching, and embellishments to make these quilted bags sleek and chic or fun and funky-whatever suits your style

The Mini Messenger quilted tote bag pattern by LuAnne Hedblom is another quick and easy project. It combines inkjet collage motifs with pretty fabrics to make a great personalized shoulder or tote bag. Just adjust the length of the strap.

Finally, Kelli Nina Perkins' Artful Eco Bag couldn't be easier to make, and it's so much fun to carry. This pieced cotton quilt tote bag can be rolled up for storage and washed when it gets soiled. With a cheerful handmade bag like this, you might actually enjoy grocery shopping.

You'll get full instructions and patterns to make each of these handmade quilted handbags yourself. We hope you enjoy your gift, from our quilt studio to yours!

Happy Holidays and Happy Quilting!

P.S. Have a friend who likes to make handmade bags? Pass this FREE downloadable eBook, Seven Quilted Bag Patterns: Handmade Quilt Bags from Quilting Arts along to her.

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3 thoughts on “Our Gift to You Free Quilted Bag Patterns

  1. Mother's Day is just a few weeks away. If your mom sews, quilts, or just likes to receive quilted gifts from you (of course she does!), then you will love these free patterns, downloads, and projects to make easy handmade gifts.

  2. Hi, I’ve made the blue evening back by Susan Brubaker Knap but I’m stuck with the lining.
    I have difficulties understanding the instructions on how to do this so I wondered if there was a visual available either photos or a video on how to construct the lining and attach it to the bag.
    Been searching the web with no success, left a message with Susan on her FB page and her website with no result either.

    Could anyone else please help?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Our Editor searched in our archives for additional images, but she couldn’t find any photos of the inside of this bag or detail shots of sewing the lining. Perhaps this reinterpretation of the project instructions might help:

    2. Sew just the sides of the lining right sides together, stopping where you stopped on stitching the exterior (for the flap). You kind of have a tube. Finger press the seams open.
    3. Slide the exterior of the bag into the ‘tube’ so the fabrics are right sides together. Sew together the lining and exterior along the flap only. Clip the seams, turn it out, etc., as the directions say.
    4. Finally, to complete the lining, pull it back out of the bag, fold under the seam allowance at the bottom and topstitch very close to the edge (not working right sides together anymore, you’re working with the ‘finish’ side showing).
    5. Tuck the lining back in, tack as needed, as directions say.
    6. I’m sorry we don’t have any photos to share, but I hope this helps.
      – Brenna