Predictions for a Year of Fabric Art Fun

free-motion stitching fabric artpokey boltonLife is unpredictable. For example, who would have thought that I'd wake up to an April morning filled with snow?

And yet, as I write this on Friday, April 1, the ground is covered with a good four inches of the cold, white stuff.

I've just decided to look at it as another good day to head straight to my studio after work and play with fabric while I contemplate the next few issues of Quilting Arts.

That is one thing I do have control over, and let me tell you, we have a magnificent line-up planned for the next several issues.

For example, we have been running a series of free-motion stitching articles by Heather Thomas. In one she shows how doodling can help you come up with motifs to use when free-motion stitching your quilts. Another focuses on stitching borders. 

lullaby fabric artBecause interest in stitching is so high among you, there will even be a "Stitch Intensive" issue. You will love it.

Portrait quilt techniques will be the focus of another upcoming issue, with artists like Maria Elkins and Colette Berends featured, as well as several others. Colette captures emotion and energy in fabric and embellishment like no one else, and I know you will enjoy our Q&A with her, as well as a gallery of her work.

I wouldn't want you to miss our "Abstract" issue. The artists we have lined up are doing projects such as ice-cube printing, marbling technique, foiling, and lots of printing.

Finally, we had so much fun with our "Let Out Your Inner Animal!" challenge last year that we've decided to focus on the animal kingdom in another issue this year. Get ready to walk on the wild side!

I am so excited about the rest of 2011's issues of Quilting Arts Magazine. With all the talented artists we have lined up and the terrific feedback and input from you, our readers, I can predict without hesitation that you will not want to miss an issue!

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2 thoughts on “Predictions for a Year of Fabric Art Fun

  1. And I won’t miss an issue. I have been there since the beginning and never once regretted subscribing to Quilting Arts. It gave me a chance to meet amazing artists and get inspired in immeasurable ways.
    Line from Montreal

  2. Yes, isn’t the weather crazy! Its already winter here Downunder, so while its cold and wet I can look forward to the summer issues you have lined up, particularly the abstract issue, something I have problems coming to grips with. I’m actually a spinner and weaver, and what I have learned from Quilting Arts and its sister magazine Cloth Paper Scissors is inspirational and has given me a new perspective on what I do. Its also really good fun! Thank you for a great magazine!
    Caroline in Australia