QA Editorial Team takes an ‘Artful Adventure’

As many of you know, we here at Quilting Arts Magazine work months in advance so it was springtime 2015 when we thought up the “Artful Adventure” Reader Challenge. This challenge was created to celebrate our 15th year of publication, and we encouraged participants to use three or more techniques from past issues of QA in their quilts.

We were so impressed with the work that was submitted and I hope you caught the gallery of finalists’ quilts in the December 2015/January 2016 Anniversary Issue.

Back in the spring, we also decided the Editorial Team would also take on the challenge–all five of us agreed to participate! Here are our quilts and our statements about them.

squaresVivika Hansen DeNegre, Editorial Director:

What was your inspiration? Charm quilts … I thought it would be fun to do a 1-patch quilt using fabrics I’d made with surface design techniques learned in the QA magazines. I gathered my fabrics, added a few more images with stamping and thermofax screens, then cut the fabric and sewed it together. Full Disclosure: one of the fabrics used was a Spoonflower print by Lynn Krawczyk, and another was over dyed Jacquard by Susan Purney Mark. Both of these fabrics also included additional surface design by me.

What techniques from past issues of QA did you use—or what artists from past issues inspired your quilt? Hand dyeing, discharge with bleach, rusting, stamping, photo transfer, Thermofax® screen printing, Gelli® printing. Techniques learned from articles by Lesley Riley, Lynn Krawczyk, Lisa Chin, Pokey Bolton, and so many more!

Have more to add? Art quilting is an adventure, indeed, and every time I make a quilt I am thankful for the “explorers” who came before me, shared their talents, and taught me and others how to create fresh and beautiful fiber art!


KateCato Prato, Senior Online Editor:

What was your inspiration? As always, I’m inspired by fabrics. Thinking about my Quilting Arts journey and sifting through my stash, I reached for fabrics to which I’d applied surface design techniques. I’d never used surface design before working with Quilting Arts, and I’ve enjoyed putting my own stamp, as it were, on fabric.

What techniques from past issues of QA did you use—or what artists from past issues inspired your quilt? Pokey Bolton and Wendy Richardson taught me about over-dyeing fabrics (the background fabric for the quilt). I learned soy wax batik from Jeannie Palmer Moore (the vertical strip) and dyeing with paint and rust (the horizontal strip) from Lesley Riley. I tied all the elements together with hand stitching—a technique I learned as a teenager, but had abandoned until Quilting Arts renewed my interest.


linesRose DeBoer, Managing Editor:

What was your inspiration? The pressure of being the only editorial staff person to NOT GET THIS DONE. That and the fact that my Pentel Oil Pastels were cryin’ out for some lovin’.

What techniques from past issues of QA did you use? It’s surface design and hand-dyed fabrics—two of my favorite things.






Barb Brown, Assistant Editor:

I once read that curiosity is what keeps hope alive. The image in my quilt is one of my favorites from several cross-country trips I made fresh out of college; hope was in my nature.

While my technique needs “some” refining (look at those cut off triangles!), I am inspired by my talented and patient co-workers, and the works of Lesley Riley, Marcia Derse, and Lynn Krawczyk. Thanks for keeping my hope alive.



pathKristine Lundblad, Assistant Editor:

What was your inspiration?  I remember picking up a copy of Quilting Arts when I was a new and, mainly, traditional quilter and being awed by what art quilters were creating. I quickly subscribed and continue to be amazed by the work our contributors do.

When I designed the quilt I thought of the journey I have taken–hence, the path–and the rainbow represents the joy of working at a job I love and being surrounded by creative and dedicated co-workers!

What techniques from past issues of QA did you use? I used skinny piecing by Ann Brauer; hand embroidery ideas from Jane LaFazio, Lynn Krawczyk, and Jane Davila’s recent Stitch by Stitch series of articles; fabric weaving by Liz Kettle; stenciling and bleach discharging; plus hand and machine quilting.

Here’s wishing you happy trails on your own artful adventure!

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