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I'm excited to decorate our new home in Colorado, but lately I've had to do it on the fly–literally–ordering furniture online as I hop from airport to airport to attend the Cloth Paper Scissors CREATE art retreat and the taping of "QATV" Season 7.

Still, even though we have moved a lot of our things from our eastern home out to the western one, I would like to personalize our new digs with artwork that's specifically made for the new space. Finding the time to make an art quilt right now is pretty much out of the question. But as soon as I get a free weekend I'm going to put together a couple of quick and easy fabric assemblages like Mary Hettmansperger demonstrated in "Quilting Arts TV" Series 600 and stick them up on the walls.

All you need to make 3-D fabric wall art are some fabric pieces, foam core, batting, organza, embellishments, and basic sewing supplies. Essentially, you just wrap the pieces of foam core in fabric and attach embellishments with couching or glue.

However, Mary had lots of ideas for adding depth and dimension with stitch and layering. Here are her design tips.

Quick & Easy Wall Art Tips

  • Gather a selection of coordinating fabrics, and plan out your desired design.

  • Consider including portions of the selvage edges in your design.

  • To make a piece that has a fluid and consistent look, you can use just one fabric and change it (with layering, hand and machine stitching, organza, and embellishments).

  • For a quick finish, wrap the fabrics around pieces of foam core board and layer them to make a 3-D wall art piece.

  • For any fabrics that are not mounted on foam core, create layered designs and then add quilting; use straight and free motion stitching.

  • Use organza to capture items.

  • Design pieces that will complement other household accessories.

  • Tie on beads, add natural items, or accessorize your pieces with found items.

  • Consider a variety of display ideas and options. Framing is a nice option.

    As you can see, these easy wall art treatments can be as simple or sophisticated as your time and talent allows. If you want to really give your fabric wall art a twist, try adding the kinds of metal embellishments Mary demonstrates in her Quilting Arts Workshop video Metal Embellishments: Incorporating Wire, Foil, Metal Sheeting, & More into Fiber Art.

    I'm thinking of couching natural elements onto the fabric to bring the Rocky Mountain flavor of the landscape indoors. What would you do? Leave a comment below!

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12 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Fabric Wall Art

  1. I instantly thought of featuring a single, simple, small branch from an aspen tree, chosen as you walk in peace around your new homeland! Find ‘the’ perfect background fabric, and frame. Enjoy!

  2. I use wool felted batting to cut mountain shapes and add vertical twigs for trees then needle felt wool roving for detail. I also use batik fabric strips for trees and overlay with netting or organza for depth. Lots of top stitching to add detail and lock pieces in place.

  3. Couching natural elements onto the fabric is a good idea as well as leaves printed on it to get that perfect home feel to your new haven of rest. Let us always think, feel, and live with natural elements around us. Your post encourages me all the more to reuse, reduce, and recycle. Just like what I feel after I visited a site which features handmade handbags and purses made of recycled materials such as magazine paper and juice pouches that are woven, quilted or sewn.

  4. Welcome to Colorado! You are moving to the most colorful state and time of the year, Indian summer. Of course I am not the least bit biased by being a Colorado Native.
    The trees will give you degrees of color seldom seen and will light up the palate of any art piece.
    Aspen bark hardened with scented wax and pressed leaves with the use of fusible web could give a very rustic look to a piece. You could also use those same peices by making the bark look like a vase with the leaves. A single 3-D Columbine flower (Colorado state flower) made with wire and wraped with either hand made paper of wild flowers grown in the state or cloth. Although this idea sounds heavy in weight, the actual items are very light in nature.
    Good luck with your new home.
    Cj Mangione

  5. I think your work is wonderful! I to have made and bought similar works. My problem is how to display this gorgeous little works of art. I managed to get one framed but it was a little bit more conventional but when I make these for myself, I dont know what to do with them? Have you any suggestions, please?
    Thank you very much, Silvana Schwagermann. Perth.Western Australia.

  6. How do you display these treasures? I have made some, quite small really and
    don’t know how to put them on show. Yours is just gorgeous! Thank you for your fabric artwork, Silvana Schwagermann.

  7. Pokey,
    I like using a canvas instead of foamboard. You can stitch through the canvas where you want(and who doesn’t want to add stitches) and also I like the wood frame that canvas is attached to for adding hooks to the bottom that you then can hang any elements that enhance the theme of your wall art. Possibilities are endless and we all like that in a project!

  8. Great suggestions!

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