Quilters Give Back – Join Us in Supporting Quilts of Valor

In my experience, quilters are a giving sort. Any occasion–celebratory, sorrowful, and everything in between–will prompt a quilter to head to the studio and make a quilt for someone else. It might be an art quilt to hang on the wall and bring a smile or a quilt you can cuddle in. Either way, quilts–and quilters–bring comfort.

quilts of valor recipient
Wrapped in comfort and caring, this soldier was
given his Quilt of Valor en route to the States.

One of the most prolific and poignant examples of this generosity is the program run by the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Since it was started by the mother of a soldier in 2003, volunteer quilters have created more than 95,000 Quilts of Valor for returning service members and veterans.

These beautiful handmade quilts and their recipients have generated thousands of stories. But I was particularly touched by this one, posted recently on the Quilts of Valor blog. Here, in part, is the letter from the parents of a young serviceman who received a QOF after he was injured.

"My wife and I wanted to pass on a special thank you to 'Nancy Drum' and the 'Rochester NY Quilters'. They made the lovely patriotic quilt of valor that wrapped our son in love while he was on the gurney being air medevac'd back to the States.

"[W]e will never forget the first pic that we saw of our son wrapped in red, white and blue. Truly it is an expression of so much love, caring, and compassion for our Soldiers, Airmen, and Sailors who have given so much for Our Country. I can assure you that it gave our Chris comfort mentally to know that folks cared as well as provided him physical warmth on the cold flights. It is now one of 'his treasures' that he has requested us to safeguard until he is out of treatment and back on his own."

Looking through the QOVF website, I read scores of stories similar to this one, accompanied by photos of smiling and grateful service men, women, and their families holding (or wearing) their quilts. The quilters' accounts of how they were inspired to create the quilts and the joy they derived from creating the quilts are just as heart warming.

quilt of valor tag
The tag for a Quilt of Valor. hand-written by a caring quilter.

Wouldn't you like to be part of Quilts of Valor? There are many ways for individuals to help, from donating a quilt top, volunteering to longarm or machine quilt donated tops, or even making a monetary donation.

We'll make it easy for you: Beginning today through May 16, 2014, when you shop at the Quilting Daily online store, Interweave/F+W will donate 10% of total sales revenue to the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Our sister sites at www.shopfonsandporter.com, www.keepsakequilting.com, www.quiltandsewshop.com will also participate in this fundraising event.

This is the time to take advantage of our fabulous kits, patterns, Quilting Arts Workshop videos, and more, purchasing them for yourself, your quilting friends, or anyone you know who would like to start quilting. It's the perfect opportunity to shop for all the products you love!

So please head to the Quilting Daily Shop and support QOVF, our service men and women, and the quilters who give with every stitch.

P.S. To learn more about this program, watch this video from Marianne Fons of Fons and Porter, or visit the QOVF website.


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