Ready for a Nine Patch Quilt with a Twist?

My Nine Patch Rearranged Quilt.

Do you have a favorite quilt pattern?

I don’t like to choose favorites, but I’m currently in the midst of a love affair with the Nine Patch Rearranged Quilt designed by Vivika Hansen DeNegre. If you are looking for easy quilt patterns and haven’t given this one a try, you should check out this fan-favorite blog with all of the instructions you need to make your own Nine Patch Rearranged Quilt.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve been using a lot of precut fabric bundles lately as a way to spend more time quilting and less time cutting. When it came time to choose a baby quilt pattern for my cousin’s first child, I knew it was going to have to be a simple quilt that worked up quickly. After leaving myself only two weeks before the baby shower to choose a pattern, buy the fabric, and complete the quilt, precuts were a must.

This modern take on the traditional Nine Patch Block has everything you could want in a quick quilting project. Creating Nine Patch blocks using 10” squares of fabric from a curated layer cake is fast and easy to sew. If you’ve never made a Nine Patch quilt block before, pop on over to to watch Sara Gallegos demonstrate this simple quilt block on My First Quilt Show. All I had to cut were the 10” squares of solid fabric I used for the center of the oversized blocks, the binding, and the backing (which I chose to piece). And you can’t go wrong with a versatile quilt pattern that shows off your favorite printed fabric.

Here are my tips to make piecing this simple quilt even easier:

As you audition various arrangements of your Nine Patch blocks keep in mind the corners will be your featured fabrics.

1. Don’t hesitate to adapt the pattern to suit your needs. Since I had limited time and intended this quilt for a baby, I made 4 large Nine Patch blocks that were cut down and rearranged into a 4 x 4 grid instead of the 4 x 5 grid prescribed by the pattern.

2. When arranging the Nine Patch blocks remember that you will be cutting them in half vertically and horizontally. The fabrics you want to feature in the quilt will be in the corners of the blocks. For example, I tried to always put the fabrics with polka dots and banners in the corners of my blocks (as pictured).

3. When it’s time to cut your block in half, it will be most accurate to locate the center by measuring 4-3/4” from the seams of the middle row. The block was too large for my cutting mat and ruler so I folded the block in half and pressed before I made the first cut. If you go this route, match the seams of your center row to ensure a straight and precise cut.

4. Nesting seams is your best friend on this quilt–it will improve the speed and accuracy of your piecing. If you’ve never nested your seams before, this is the project to take it out for a test drive. Check out this blog with easy step-by-step instructions for nesting seams in a Nine Patch block.

Pin diagonally across your seams for better accuracy.

5. Once your seams are nested, lock them into place by pinning diagonally across the seams. I also pinned this way while folding my blocks in half when preparing to cut the blocks into quarters (as pictured).

Ready to get started? I know I am! I’ve already got the layer cake picked out and ordered for my next Nine Patch Rearranged Quilt.

For other easy quilting projects that are fun to make and a cinch to sew up, check out the Craft Tree Easy Quilting Projects book. You can’t go wrong with these great patterns for full-size quilts, home décor, and even accessories. And if you can’t wait to get started, download the eBook today.

Happy quilting!

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