Redirect the Ordinary with Art Quilts

We all have days when we get bored with our everyday routine, don’t we?

But what if we could simply redirect the ordinary, turn the common into the uncommon, or make the expected unexpected?

art quilt by sara sharp
“Turning Bottles into ‘Stained Glass'” art quilt by Sara Sharp.

That was the challenge put forth in the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) exhibit “Redirecting the Ordinary,’ juried by Alicia Merrett and curated by Gul Laporte.

We were fortunate to be able to include a gallery of quilt art from this exhibit in the April/May 2015 issue of Quilting Arts, and one, by quilt artist Sara Sharp of Austin, Texas, even made the cover!

Here is Sara’s story of how she turned a gray, ordinary day into one filled with color and beauty–with imagination and an art quilt.

“Outside, a gray winter day showed bare branches in my yard. Wanting to add some color to my surroundings, I started gathering all kinds of bottles from my kitchen, including ones holding juices, sodas, sports drinks, and wine. After removing most of the labels, I arranged them into a still life on an antique wooden table in a sunny window.

“The ordinary bottles were transformed into my own ‘stained glass’ through the effects of transparency, translucency, luminosity, and reflection. Now I had a lovely scene to cheer up this chilly day. By combining colored glass and liquids with natural light, I lifted my spirits and was reminded to seek beauty in the everyday things around me.”

I’m always awed at how fabric, thread, and creativity can transform the ordinary. It’s why we’re passionate about quilt art. And why we love putting out Quilting Arts Magazine year after year.

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