Resolve to Save – and Achieve Your Quilting Goals

Over the past few years, I have found that making New Year's resolutions has helped me meet my quilting goals.

One year, I resolved to learn a technique that had previously intimidated me: piecing quilts in the manner of kaleidoscope quilting. Instead of dipping my toe in hesitantly, I immersed myself in the techniques of quilter Paula Nadelstern. I took her books everywhere with me (even into the bathtub!) to learn the technical and aesthetic intricacies of her method. And within the year, I was able to achieve my goal.

Another year, I set some professional goals: getting published, creating and hanging a piece of public art, and increasing my sales. Again, by stating my intentions, learning all I could about how to achieve my goals, and then taking the steps needed to achieve them, I was successful.

I hasten to tell you that I don't make such lofty resolutions every year, and sometimes plans go awry. But making the resolution and then following up works much better than doing nothing!

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One thought on “Resolve to Save – and Achieve Your Quilting Goals

  1. thank you for a lovely idea, it’s just into Feb. now so I still have time. My aim will be to make up those baby quilts, I bought to donate toour local hosp.