Sew Perfect for a Little Guy

See this handsome guy here? That's my godson, Johnny. He's such a cutie! 

I love giving him presents, but, unlike some of my nieces who share my love of fiber art, when it comes to gifts for Johnny I usually have to resort to the typical electronic toys like remote control cars and video games. Not that he minds! It's just that, once you get past the requisite baby quilt, there's very little in the way of fabric art that you can make for most boys.

However, now that Johnny has turned 7, he seems to be maturing and shows signs he's ready to embrace fine handmade haberdashery. For example, he was a natural modeling the Little Guy Tie that's shown in International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene. This tie is easy to make and even easier to put on, thanks to hook and loop fasteners.

The construction for this tie is perfect for beginners and it only takes one fat quarter of fabric. Full instructions and a pattern are included in the issue.

These ties are great stash-busters, too. Megan Miles is the artistic mind behind Little Londyn Patterns. With three little ones of her own, she knows how important it is to be able to sew something cute quickly–not to mention making it easy to fasten a tie under the collar of a squirming boy.

When Johnny goes off to college, I might want to gift him with a  version of the Rectangle Blues Quilt from the same issue of Quilt Scene. Alissa Haight Carlton uses improvisational piecing and blue and neutral hues to put together this handsome, modern work of fabric art.

So, fair warning, Johnny, there's a full-size handmade quilt in your future. But don't worry: in the meantime, I'll still keep the electronics coming!

We have several other stash-busting projects and full-size quilt patterns in Quilt Scene, so pick up your copy and start planning your winter projects.

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2 thoughts on “Sew Perfect for a Little Guy

  1. I don’t suppose it qualifies as “fabric art” really but I made quilts from all my son’s outgrown clothing as he grew up, one at the end of each “era” – memory quilts. When we had to emigrate from Africa he, now a young man, filled his suitcase with … his quilts. Admittedly they were wrapped around his computer but they held all that was most precious from his past life and brought comfort at a searingly hard time.

  2. I bought the magazine specifically for the tie pattern. It turns out the pattern is for sized upto 24 months. Not 7 year olds! What modifications did you make to fit a 7 year old? Thanks