Sew Steady Table and Accessories Giveaway

When you're quiltingespecially free-motion quiltinghaving a level surface around your machine makes stitching so much easier.

win sew steady table
Sew Steady Portable Table and Accessories.
"Like" the Quilting Daily Facebook page or be an existing fan to enter:

But it can be hard to find, or make, a sewing surface that fits your machine. Built-in sewing tables are great, but what happens when you go to a class or take your sewing machine on the road?

Dream World, the makers of Sew Steady Tables was founded in 1994 when a local sewing instructor asked her husband to make a table to fit around her machine. From that came the first custom fit Sew Steady Table!

I am excited to announce that we are partnering with Sew Steady to give away this great prize: a Sew Steady Portable Table and accessories worth $190.

To enter to win, all you have to do is "Like" the Quilting Daily Facebook page or be an existing fan. Enter here:

Here are the official rules. Winners will be announced on the Quilting Daily blog August 10, 2012.

Have fun and good luck!

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26 thoughts on “Sew Steady Table and Accessories Giveaway

  1. I am with the other ladies, I do not do Facebook. I think it is unfair to those of us who don’t. There are so many sweepstakes and contests that limit entry to only Facebook users, it is really starting to become tiresome. It is a type of discrimitation, in my opinion. Please rethink your future giveaways and contests to include eligibility to everyone. Thank you!

  2. I don’t do Facebook either but would have liked to enter the contest. Hope you provide other methods to enter contests in the future that don’t discriminate against those of us who prefer our privacy. Thanks!

  3. I am an amateur quilter and would absolutely LOVE to win this package. Living on Social Security doesn’t leave much for “extras” around here. I entered on
    Facebook. Thank you.

  4. As another crafter who doesn’t do facebook other than with my family, I regret the number of contests, etc. that are being offered only via facebook.

    I don’t know if you are aware that ‘liking’ you on facebook means that you get access to any personal information about me as well as my ‘friends’ list. As well as violating my own security and privacy, you are asking me to violate other people’s privacy. That’s not why they signed on to stay in contact with me.

    My family is spread out to the four winds and facebook is the contact method we can afford. If there was a better way, we’d move to it right away because there are so many problems with facebook.

    Please reconsider your use of facebook – it excludes people and may send some elsewhere.

  5. I too do not Facebook. I had at one time and received so many unwanted and sometimes off color emails to my personal account I quit. Also I do not have the time to go to this site and then have to go to and login to yet another site.

  6. I do not use Facebook or Twitter or anything like those and never will. A lot of companies alienate me and others by handling contests just through those accounts. Pinterest included! very disappointing.

  7. I would love to win a Sew Steady table but do not want to sign up through facebook. Thanks Maybe another drawing without facebook involved would be good.

  8. I agree with everyone else’s comments here. Not everyone is willing to have Facebook broadcast their life to the world. Nor should they be penalized for that decision.

  9. not everybody’s world revolves around Facebook. Common courtesy says ‘respect the rights of others.’ Good customer service is providing lots of options for your clients/customers to encourage their loyalty to your brand (at least that is what my major craft supply retail employer is constantly saying.) So it would be really nice if all these tech savvy internet information sources did not discriminate towards those of us who choose not to participate in every social media outlet. I tell customers in my store “it’s called Creative because we get to choose how to produce our project — there is no right or wrong way.” If Quilting Daily really values our business, they should be able to find a way that allows all of us to participate by our choice.

  10. I can appreciate that Facebook is a very ‘social’ network, but I am not a Facebook user, nor will I ever become a Facebook user, and therefore am not elegiable to enter. What’s really unfortunate is that you have many, many fans who love this site, but you have shunned them by posting a contest that’s Facebook based. I certainly don’t feel like a valued customer/supporter, especially when the only way to enter is to join Facebook.

  11. I too would like to have been a part of thegive-away, but like the others, do not have facebook. Don’t want to either – I am computer green-horn enough with the “regular” stuff! And I agree witht he comments of the others. It’s so sad to be left out!

  12. I’m another facebook avoider. Looking through all these comments about people who choose not to do facebook is really interesting. I love my privacy and “quiet time” not having to be socially engaged every minute. It would do you well to pay attention to the complaints. How many more out there haven’t bothered to comment because they see “facebook” and just tune out. I would be one of them also. I don’t usually comment, but these others have made me realize that I DO need to let you know. So please do something about it!

  13. It is so refreshing to see all the ‘non’ Facebook people speak out. I usually just hit delete every time I see the rules that you MUST be on Facebook. Agree that it looks like a great table!