Sewing in America Survey 2016

CaptureDo you sew? Since you’re reading a blog about quilting, I’m guessing you do.

We are happy to announce our sister brand Sew News has partnered with Sewing in America to create a national survey of sewing enthusiasts like you!

The survey will be used to create a full study of sewing and sewists in America. The findings will be released by Sew News in October 2016 and they will present an overview of the study at International Quilt Market in Houston, TX October 29-31.

Hart Business Research, a leader in studies of creative markets, is independently compiling the survey results for this study. The previous edition of Sewing in America was created in 2006. A lot has changed within the last decade so the updated version of this survey will take into account many of those changes. Questions will explore social media, trends in project type and fabric, as well as a comparison of online versus brick-and-mortar shopping preferences.

If you are a sewing or quilting enthusiast, please contribute your thoughts and experiences by taking the Sewing in America Survey now through May 20, 2016.

As a special bonus, when you take the survey you’ll get a free digital pattern for the “Write On” journal and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree at Click here to take the survey.

This study will include:

  • The size of the U. S. sewing market by number of participants and money spent
  • A profile of sewing enthusiasts across the country
  • Key trends in the sewing market
  • Results of the Sewing in America survey

About the Sewing Survey:

This survey is being conducted online during the month of May 2016 using a wide range of sources including social media, sewing brands, blogs, and websites. Ideally respondents will include every type of sewist, from traditional sewing enthusiasts to young beginners. We would also love to hear from fashion and home décor sewists, machine embroiderers, and quilters. The survey is anonymous and will cover the following topics:

  • Motivation for sewing and skill level
  • Number of projects by type, including future plans
  • Time spent sewing
  • Sewing technique used
  • Pattern sources and preferences
  • Sewing machines (owned, spending, location of purchase)
  • Fabric types used
  • Attendance and motivations for sewing events
  • Sewing resources used, including social media, content providers, and magazines
  • Sources for learning about sewing
  • Spending per product category
  • Demographics including age, region, income, work

To get the 2016 Study:

If you want to learn more about the results of this updated Sewing in America survey, follow the Sew News Blog for an announcement  of the study’s release in October 2016. An eBook of Sewing in America 2016 will be available for purchase and a free executive summary will also be available to everyone in October.

Sewing in America is brought to you in conjunction with the following sponsors:  Sew News, Fairfield Processing, Moda Fabrics, Cotton + Steel, Burda Style, and Baby Lock

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