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free sewing patterns candy runner
This festive fused appliqué runner comes with a free sewing pattern.

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There was a time when the only sewing patterns that crossed the threshold of my studio were the vintage tissue paper kind I gathered to use in my mixed-media artwork or the books of Victorian sewing patterns and needlework I collected for inspiration and amusement.

But in the past few years I’ve started stitching more home décor and accessory projects and my stack of contemporary sewing patterns has grown. I especially like projects that use fused appliqué or patchwork in their design. They allow me to use a variety of fabrics (especially scraps!) and customize my project.

One of my favorite sewing patterns for this holiday season is this Candy Table Runner designed by Carol Zentgraf for Stitch Gifts. You can use traditional Christmas candy colors or vary the colors of the swirls for a different effect.

Here is an adapted overview of the directions. You can download a free sewing pattern for the circles and swirls on the Sew Daily website.

Candy Table Runner


  • ½ yard 45″-wide cotton fabric for top (shown: white tone-on-tone)
  • ¾ yard 45″-wide cotton fabric for bottom and appliqués (shown, red)
  • ¼ each of two 45″-wide cotton prints for appliqués (shown green and bright green)
  • Batting
  • Double stick fusible web
  • Matching threads and hand sewing needle.


candy table runner sewing pattern
Detail of the fused swirls.

1. Trace and cut the applique pieces onto the paper backing of the fusible web, grouping them by color.

2. Cut 2 runner backs (1 and 1 reverse) from the red fabric.

3. Apply fusible web according to manufacturer’s directions and cut out the appliqués along the traced outlines.

4. Fuse the appliqués onto each circle, making sure the points meet in the middle.

5. When all the appliqués are fused in place, zigzag the edges of each piece.

6. Layer the assembled runner back (right side up), the prepared runner front (right-side down), and the batting, in that order. Pin and stich the layers together. Trim the seam allowances, clip the curves, and turn the runner inside out. Slipstitch the opening closed.

Detailed instructions can be found in Stitch Gifts 2011, along with many more projects and sewing patterns for holiday and year-round home décor and gift giving.


P.S. What’s your favorite holiday candy? I’m kind of partial (OK, very partial) to chocolate. Reveal your favorite candy in the comments section below, and if you use the wrappers in your fiber art, be sure to tell us how!

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