Sharing Your Work With Others

One of our core values here at Interweave, the parent company of Quilting Arts Magazine, is “make it fun.”  (I know what you’re thinking: How cool, right? Yes it is!)

Parfait ice dyeing. Just layer
PFD fabric, ice, and dye.

Quilting Arts Magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, Stitch Magazine and our special publications are all housed in the Sudbury, Mass., offices—the editorial, design, sales, and support teams. As you might imagine, there are a lot of talented folks here; not just in what they do for a living but because they are also interested and involved in the art and crafts that we include in every issue.

Recently, we started a weekly show and tell—every Monday morning we bring in something we made to show our colleagues. It might be something stitched, sketched, painted, or surface-designed. Maybe it’s a favorite old pillow that is coming out of the attic for the new season or a quilt or garment that was just finished the day before. Sometimes it’s a photo—because that baby shower someone was making something for just couldn’t wait for Show and Tell Monday!

We break for 10 or 15 minutes and gather together in our common area, sharing our projects and crafts, big and small. We laugh, we ooh and ahh, and we take time to appreciate the talents of each other.

The results of our fabric-dyeing party!

Today, Quilting Arts Magazine Editor Vivika Hansen DeNegre brought in the washed and pressed final results of our recent dyeing party—these luscious fabrics! We will be organizing a new challenge plus a giveaway of some of these fabric so keep your eyes out for that.

Not everyone brings something every week. Some people even claim to be craft-challenged, but everyone brings their joy and goodwill to the gathering, and I’m pretty sure everyone heads back to their desks with smiles on their faces—and maybe a little bit of inspiration to start a new project or tackle the day’s tasks with renewed enthusiasm.

Do you do something similar with work mates or friends? Tell us about it.


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10 thoughts on “Sharing Your Work With Others

  1. Loriwish can you describe more want you want?

    I like the NING platform, ( not free ) it has a great photo section, with main page slideshow of the last 100 submitted photos and good representation of the photos.
    For free:
    There is Flickr of course and Pinterest allows for uploading by the user from their own source.
    And as far as a blog, Blogger introduced several new ways to set up a blog for viewing, one shows all photos on the main page of the blog from past posts. Looks nice.
    I don’t know if this helps or if you know about these.

  2. I think flickr is the best for photos. It is easy to use and easy to see larger versions of the photos. It also has groups that you can access like work (Art quilters, etc.)

  3. I bring in my new creations each Monday and show them to my colleagues. They always thank me for sharing but I can’t get anyone else to share. Oh well, will keep bringing my stuff in anyway. This weekend I created aprons from dresses I found in thrift stores – they turned out so cute.
    Keep sewing!!! 🙂 It’s good therapy

  4. I have to say that the most fun I've had at Quilting Arts so far–and I've had a lot of fun–is the parfait ice fabric dyeing party the QA team organized for everyone in our Sudbury office. Not only was it exciting to watch the ice-dyed fabrics

  5. I could easily while away a day — or a weekend — turning plain white fabric into a range of beautiful hues through fabric painting and dyeing.

  6. Thanks all for answering. Along with individuals in our groups being able to post photos of our work, we want to make comments and post the upcoming art quilt assignments. Facebook seems ideal, but there is resistance to use it. Free blogs we’ve found require yahoo or gmail accounts and are confusing to some. Still looking for a solution….