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Here in Sudbury, Massachusetts, it's beginning to feel as if spring will never come. And though I love drinking hot chocolate and cozying up to my husband, the truth is that I'm so done with winter. I'm sure you caQuilting Arts Giftsn relate. 

With many of us itching to shake the snow off our boots and leave winter far behind, my next request may seem a little odd. 

I want you to focus your thoughts on the holidays–you know, the ones in December. 

"But Christmas and Hanukkah just ended a few months ago," you say. That's true. "And they won't come around again for another nine months!" That is also true. 

But here at Quilting Daily, we like to think ahead. That's why we're already planning our next issue of Quilting Arts Gifts, a special annual issue devoted to the art of holiday gift-giving. And we want you to contribute! 

We are looking for quilting and fiber art projects that can be made as holiday gifts, both those that are seasonally appropriate and those that can be enjoyed all year long. Past projects include Christmas ornaments, Hanukkah gift tags, everyday totes, table runners, and much more.

So if you have a project that would make a great handmade gift, send it to us today! You can find a more detailed description of our submissions guidelines here.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 15th, so don't wait to send us your projects!


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