Texture in Stitching – The In Stitches 7 Blog Tour

You asked and we delivered! Starting today you can download Quilting Arts In Stitches volume 7 for your PC and Mac desktop computers, as well as for your iPad. We've arranged a fun tour of the blogs of some of the participating artists, so follow along and discover some fabulous art. (See blog tour list below.)

in stitches 7 for PCThere are so many fantastic techniques in this issue:

  • Make a stitch sampler sketchbook with Ana Buzzalino as the perfect reference guide for your next project. 
  • Join Terry White in her studio for a play day and see the value of experimenting with materials and techniques.
  • Check out Jill Rumoshosky Werner’s conceptual art quilts and be astounded.
  • Read Lindsey Murray’s informative article about choosing the correct needle for every project.
  • Samantha Pope explores texture without thread using a felting machine and a wide variety of fibers and fabrics.
  • Kathy Loomis talks about her daily art project for this year and helps you get started on your own.
  • Carol Watkins creates free-motion machine lace with threads, fibers and dissolvable stabilizers. 
  • Sarah Symes shares her remarkable abstract quilts and lists the 5 things every artist needs to know.
  • Karen Linduska layers decorative machine stitches to create unexpected depth.
  • And there’s much more, including the results from our Affirmative Quilt challenge and Alma Stoller’s advice for starting an art group plus her delightful embellished fabric beads. 

Thursday 9/13: Kathy Loomis

Friday 9/14: Sarah Symes

Monday 9/17: Alma Stoller

Tuesday 9/18: Ana Buzzalino

Wednesday 9/19: Terry White

Thursday 9/20: Karen Linduska


Jane Davila, Editor. Quilting Arts In Stitches

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6 thoughts on “Texture in Stitching – The In Stitches 7 Blog Tour

  1. Well, it is about time. I was wondering if it was ever going to be available for computers. Some of us do not have iPads. In fact I belong to the “Anything but an Apple club.” I heard one reviewer of the new Kindle Fire HD tables describe a group of people who wouldn’t but an iPad that way, and recognized that I’m a member of the club.

    I haven’t ordered this yet, but I will.

  2. Thank you for seeing sense! As an experiment it simply did not work. Most of us have our PCs (and Macs) and belong to the “anything but an i-gadget” school of thought. An interactive magazine needs serious screen space for a start, and the i-gadgets do not have that. You were also ignoring the needs of the majority of your customers who have neither the money nor the inclination to waste on them – it would be less spare cash to buy art and craft supplies if we did! Hopefully collage # 2 will soon be converted to the core formats that form the majority of your sales as well, and things can go back to normal.
    BTW, the mag looks terrific and I can’t wait to get started!

  3. Good news! You’ve realized that not everyone has an iPad. I like Apple products, am using my brand new MacBook Pro right now, but see no need for an iPad in my life at present.

    I hope you will soon realize that not all your subscribers belong to Facebook, or want to join. It was very disappointing to me when I clicked the link to register for the drawing for a Singer Hand Felting Machine and learned I’d have to join Facebook to enter. I tried to comment about this on the article about the drawing but no comment form would appear.

    I joined Quilting Daily, not Facebook. I hope linking to Facebook is not going to be a regular thing for Quilting Daily. Many people don’t join Facebook because we care about protecting our privacy.

  4. That’s it! Because we are moms, iPad craze are given away to young ones. Nice to have my daughter who loves to explore your quilting art anywhere she goes. That’s good news for her, maybe she can check out volume 7. Do you think quilt art can be used for gadget cases like http://www.kekacase.com/ is offering?

  5. Good, now if I ever get to read Vol 1-6 that I have already bought on Kindle, I will purchase “In Stitches, Vol 7”
    Anyone have any ideas on transferring “In Stitches” to Kindle?
    I like the new toys and really want my magazines out of the sewing room and into the tablet. Thanks.