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The sewing needle is the fiber artist's pencil: you're simply drawing with thread. When you hand stitch, you can guide the direction of the thread to make a design. And when you lower the feed dogs on your sewing machine, you can stitch in any direction, too.

the art of thread sketching free thread drawing and thread painting techniques

In The Art of Thread Sketching: Free Thread Drawing and Thread Painting Techniques, five quilt artists show you how to turn machine stitching into drawings with thread. Depending on the style and density of the stitching, thread sketching and thread painting can stand on its own or be combined with other techniques to give your quilt motifs dimension and life.

Art quilt expert Susan Brubaker Knapp shows how drawing with thread can make your quilt designs look positively touchable in Thread Sketching 101 Focus on Texture. Susan also gives advice on needle and thread basics for successful thread art.

In Nostalgia Series: Stitched Sketches and Ephemera in Art Quilts, Jane LaFazio shows how to interpret drawings with threadwork, ephemera, fabric scraps, and mixed-media techniques to create lovely fabric art.

thread sketching and thread painting quilt by susan brubaker knapp
Thread sketching and thread painting can create touchable texture, as on this quilt by Susan Brubaker Knapp.

Fiber artist Karen Fricke shows you step-by-step how a heavy-duty stabilizer can make thread sketching easier In Thread Sketching on Stabilizer. You can print your design right onto it, then stitch your thread sketches over the image.

In her article Sketchbook Quilts, JJ Foley demonstrates two techniques for turning sketches into stitched designs: digital and direct draw. Her easy thread sketching techniques will inspire you to draw more–and stitch more!

thread painting techniques and art by carol watkins
Thread painting example by Carol Watkins.

Carol Watkins' thread-painting tutorial will show you how to turn a photograph into thread art with machine stitching. She describes her technique in Thread Painting: From Photo to Stitched Artwork, and also offers tips on choosing machine embroidery thread.

With The Art of Thread Sketching: Free Thread Drawing and Thread Painting Techniques, you will look at imagery, machine stitching, and your fiber art in a whole new way.

P.S. Do you have friends who are interested in drawing with thread? Forward this link to them so they can get their own copy of The Art of Thread Sketching: Free Thread Drawing and Thread Painting Techniques.

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