Three Textile Art Techniques for Holiday Cards

Holiday cards provide the perfect canvas on which to display your fiber art techniques and make your seasonal message extra special.

fabric art tree cards by pokey bolton

There are many easy ways to make fiber art greeting cards using fabric scraps, trims, or abandoned fabric art projects. Create a fabric collage and attach it to the card front or stitch directly onto the paper.

Here are three examples:

Pokey Bolton turned cast-offs into art cards by cutting tree shapes from UFOs and gluing them onto paper card fronts. A little free-motion stitching and a button topper trim these tree cards nicely.

These holiday gift cards by Jeanelle McCall (below right) are also easy to make. She uses fabric scraps and bits of this and that to create a fabric collage, stitching it directly onto cardstock.

Here's another idea for fabric art greeting cards, from designer Kevin Kosbab. You can create these Trim the Tree holiday cards directly onto cardstock or stitch them onto fabric first, as featured in Stitch Gifts 2014.

Here is the basic how-to:

1. Assemble a selection of sheer, grosgrain, satin, printed, or other ribbons in various widths. (Each card requires less than 12" of ribbon, total.)

fabric art card by jeanelle mccall
Fabric art card by Jeanelle McCall.

2. Cut the ribbon into various widths, angling each end, to make the tree branches.

3. Attach double-stick tape to the back of the ribbon lengths and press the ribbon lengths onto the linen or cotton fabric backed with fusible web (or directly onto the card front).

4. Stitch over the ribbon from the bottom of the tree up at least 1" above the shortest ribbon, then pivot and stitch to make the five-point star.

holiday card with textile art techniques by kevin kosbab
Trim the Tree cards by Kevin Kosbab,
as shown in Stitch Gifts 2014.

5. If you have stitched onto fused fabric, remove the paper backing, place the embellished fabric onto the front of the open card, cover with a press cloth, and iron the fabric to the card.

Note: Kevin achieved the ribbons' perfect cut edges by cutting polyester and nylon ribbons backed with double-stick tape using a wood-burning tool.

You can get the full instructions for making Kevin's holiday cards plus 50 more fabric art projects to sew and give in Stitch Gifts 2014.

P.S. Do you make your own greeting cards? What are your ideas or tips? Leave your advice below.

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6 thoughts on “Three Textile Art Techniques for Holiday Cards

  1. I make Christmas Tree cards by improvisationally stitching together small scraps of fabric then using them as the triangle shape of a paper pieced Christmas tree block. I hand embroider over the seams like in traditional Crazy Quilting, then slip the completed block into photo frame cards for unique greeting cards. Each one is unique since each “tree’ is made from different scraps.