Turn Textile Art into Jewelry in Three Easy Steps

A note from Vivika: Most art quilters I know dabble in other forms of art–from painting to jewelry making. Our marketing manager, Ashley Lauwereins, is a jewelry maker who is learning about fabric art. Today, she's taking over the blog to share her experiences with art that crosses over both worlds.

ashley lauwereins
Ashley Lauwereins

When I tell people I make jewelry they often remark, "Well, that looks difficult!"

I scoff at them, and then exclaim, "It's not challenging! All you need to do is drill a hole in your metal, saw out your shape, file it, and buff it using a flex shaft to finish it. Easy as pie!"

The confused-awestruck look on their face usually serves to remind me that the techniques that now come easily to me once seemed almost impossible. I then try to reassure them that they, too, could learn to make jewelry, if, like me, they started with easier projects, working their way up to more challenging techniques.

I'm sure it's the same with art quilters. And if you're an expert–or even an advanced beginner–at fiber art but a novice at jewelry making, I have just the project for you.

textile art easy necklace kit
Have a jewelry-making party! This Easy Gifts for Quilters kit comes with everything
you see above, plus a copy of Quilting Arts Holiday magazine. You can also use images
of your own fiber art.

When I was flipping through the pages of Quilting Arts Holiday magazine, I found a beautiful necklace kit that Vivika and the team had customized for the holiday gift-making. The kit turns an image of your quilts, a fabric collage, or other fabric art project into a wearable work of art.

textile art necklace how to
1. Cut out your image. 2. Apply the clear glue to the dome and bezel.
3. Insert the dome into the bezel with the image sandwiched between.
Congratulations, you've made a necklace!

My interest was piqued. We decided to order a kit for the office and experiment with it. We discovered that no matter your skill level (we had every level in the room from novice to someone with a fine art degree in metalsmithing) this project is fun and yields a beautiful accessory.

textile art necklace finished
Now you can wear your fiber art around your neck,
or give it as a personal gift.

Each kit creates 16 necklaces, so you can create gifts for 16 of your friends or even have those 16 friends over for a party to make their own gift!

Ready to get started? Get your necklace kit today! As an extra bonus, you can order the kit together with Quilting Arts Holiday magazine so you have the instructions right in front of you, plus inspiration for other great sewing and fiber art projects for the holiday season. Get your Gifts for Quilters: Easy Necklace kit today and be on your way to making stylish jewelry.


floriani hands on embroidery event
Get hands-on help with your machine embroidery
skills at a Floriani Hands On 2-day event.

P.S. from Vivika: Learning in a group is always fun. Why don't you check out the schedule for quilting, sewing, and machine embroidery events during the Floriani Hands On Tour? Make new friends, learn new techniques, improve your skills, and most of all, have fun doing what you love. Check out the schedule and sign up now.

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