Unglamorous Moments in ‘Quilting Arts TV’ History

My mom is so cute. She's coming to the next taping of "Quilting Arts TV" (Season 7) to hang out back stage, and she's all excited.

I know it's because she's proud of me, but I also think she is expecting that it will be glamorous. As if I have a decked-out trailer and someone in a headset knocks on the door and says, "Five minutes, Ms. Bolton" before each segment begins. Or that the backstage "green room" is a posh lounge where catering brings in afternoon tea.

In reality, the green room is a functional space with tables, chairs, and sewing machines meant for pre-segment set-up and practice. I change clothes behind a tiny screen and we eat in the caf upstairs.

Glamorous it's not. But that isn't to say we don't enjoy the experience. My guests, the crew, and I have a blast backstage and on the set–these folks are pros, and we all enjoy what we do. Looking back over the first six seasons, there have been many memorable moments, of which these have to be my Top 5.

Worst Hair Day

I woke up my very first day of taping only to realize I had no shampoo, and the hotel didn't have any either. I had to wash my hair with a bar of hotel soap. Needless to say, I had Challenging Hair on my first day on the job. However, I refused to let this get me down. I thought, if this will be my only mess up (and over and done with on the first day), things could only get better, right?

Best Very First Guest

Having Jane Dunnewold as my very first guest made me forget about my challenging hair as we got straight to business with her showing us how to make a versatile stencil from fusible interfacing and nylon net. It was such an honor to have someone so talented and articulate as my very first guest of "QATV"!

Most Heart-stopping Moment

On Season 4, "Project Runway's" first winner, Jay McCarroll, taped a couple of segments. For one of them, he encouraged me to throw his quilts over our heads when we were done viewing them. I just hoped the force of our throws wouldn't cause the TV set props to come tumbling down.

Most Exciting Moment

In Season 2, favorite mother-daughter team Laura and Linda Kemshall were giving us a hands-on understanding of their design process. The most exciting moment was watching Laura paint a quilt after she had free-motion quilted it. I was so worried she'd make a mistake and ruin all of the hard work she had done with her machine stitching. Quite a dramatic TV moment!

Most Moving Segment

A segment that has stayed in my mind: In Season 3, guest Hollis Chatelain talking about her design inspiration, message, and quilting of her "Imagine Hope" quilts. These were hands-down some of the most beautiful, most poignant works of art I have ever seen.

Do you have a favorite "QATV" episode or moment from watching the show or being a guest? Leave a comment below.

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One thought on “Unglamorous Moments in ‘Quilting Arts TV’ History

  1. When Jay McCarroll appeared on Project Runway I stopped watching it. When he appeared on QA TV I watched the first 3 minutes and turned it off until he was gone. He is not one of my favorite people. Let me know if he is appearing again on QA so I can skip that show.