Weaving with Fabric Strips: Making Placemats

Did you ever make woven placemats out of paper as a kid? I remember making them in school as table settings for the class Thanksgiving feast. Plus, I would make them at home so my dolls and I could enjoy a tasteful tea time.

shepler-patchwork-tableI was reminded of this childhood craft when I started seeing fabric weaving projects pop up on my Pinterest account. Have you seen these projects in your social media newsfeeds?

I’m particularly enamored with a darling placemat project that utilizes this up-and-coming technique of weaving with fabric strips by Missy Shepler. She uses that same easy weaving technique I learned as a kid, but instead of paper, she uses batting-filled fabric strips.

Her project instructions call for 2 ½” strips which means they are a great project for precut strips and a way to use those scraps of batting we’ve all got hanging around. Break out your jelly rolls and let’s make some quilted placemats!

Here’s what you’ll need for each placemat with a finished size of 20” x 14”:

(7) 2 ½” x 44” fabric strips for horizontal weave

(10) 2 ½” x 44” fabric strips for vertical weave

(2) 2 ½” x 44” fabric strips for binding

(17) 2” x 22” strips of batting


1. Set aside 2 fabric strips for the binding. Cut each of the remaining fabric strips in half, making 2 ½” × 22″ strips.

2. Place 2 of the cut strips right sides together. Center 1 batting strip on top of the layered fabric strips; a ¼” of fabric will show on each side of the batting. Baste through the center of the layered strips to hold the batting in place.

3. Straight stitch along each long edge of the basted strip.

4. Using a large safety pin, turn the stitched strip right-side out. Remove the basting.

5. Repeat steps 1–4 for the remaining strips. Lightly press each strip.

6. Align the short ends of the horizontal strips, abutting the long strip edges. Stitch the strips in place along 1 short edge, ½ ” from the strip ends.

shepler-patchwork-table-27. Repeat to stitch the vertical strips together.

8. Place the strip sets on a flat surface. Weave each strip over and under. Pin the woven strips together along the 2 unstitched edges.

9. Straight stitch along the pinned edges, ¼ ” from the woven edge. Trim the excess strips ¼ ” from the stitching.

10. Bind as desired.

Weaving with fabric strips is a fun project for the whole family! I think I’ll enlist a few of my family members so we can make a set of these placemats for our Thanksgiving table this year.

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Happy quilting!

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