Welcome to the New Quilting Daily!

Welcome to the new and improved Quilting Daily community website! We’ve given the site a fresh, easy-to-use new design to help you find all of the art quilting and modern quilting projects, inspiration, videos, and tutorials that you love.

Here’s a little tour and some hints to help you find all the things you love and some new things you might not know about!

In the bar across the top of nearly every page under the Quilting Daily logo, you’ll see Blog, Quilting Projects, etc. Popular quilt-making videos will rotate under that bar (on the home page). The Blog link is where nearly everything will go–all of our daily blogs and those by contributors about art modern quilting and patchwork, art quilting, surface design, machine stitching, embroidery, embellishments, screen printing and monoprinting, and much more.

quilting tutorials tab

To the right of Blog, you’ll see Tutorials and Projects. When you click there, you’ll see a dropdown menu that lists all kinds of ways to access free quilt-making and fiber art projects and step-by-step tutorials, including dozens of free quilt-making and fiber art eBooks of how-tos and projects on a variety of topics.

If you want to focus on a particular topic, such as binding and finishing, machine embroidery, and others, click on Quilting Techniques to go straight to what you want to see.

quilting techniques tab
Tools and Resources
 is next; that’s where you’ll find our quilt art glossary, free guides, and helpful tips on quilt care, etc.

Our next tab is for you: our Galleries tab. We love to see your finished artwork, works-in-progress, and Reader Challenge submissions. Here is where you can upload your own work and view and comment on the work of your sister (and brother) fiber, surface design, and quilt artists

Next you’ll see the Quilting Arts TV link. This part of our new site hosts all our QATV previews, with links to projects and sources where you can stream each show or purchase the DVD sets.

Magazines is next on the bar. Here you’ll find news about the latest issues of Modern Patchwork, Quilting Arts, Quilt Scene, and Quilting Arts Holiday. Plus, this is where you’ll find details about our current Reader Challenges, our Submission Guidelines, and Subscriber services.

Next is the Shop tab, your direct link to all the instructional resources we work so hard to create and curate for you, like DVDs/video downloads, books, eBooks, special issue magazines, and more, as well as quilt-making tool and supply kits and collections so you can get the info and the supplies you need in one convenient package.

Online Classes is our last category. This is an important spot, too; this is where you’ll find our web seminars, CraftU online classes and master courses.

We’re also using larger images and putting more of the quilt-making tutorials and blogs that you want to see right on the home page. And you can still interact with us and other Quilting Daily members in the comments on the blogs and project pages as well as on our Facebook page.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just use the handy search function in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.

Note: If you have trouble logging in, you may have to change your password. Your username should remain the same.

That’s the mini tour–please make yourself at home and check out the new Quilting Daily!

Now, let’s give away some fabric to celebrate: leave a comment below and I’ll choose one winner randomly on October 26, 2015.

vivika hansen denegre

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143 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Quilting Daily!

    1. Hi Allison,
      Thanks for commenting! Our Reader Challenges are listed in the Drop-down menu, under Magazines.
      With so many contests and shows posting about their events through social media, requests to post them on our site were few, so we have discontinued the practice.

  1. Do like the new look. Will keep checking back to see how it develops over time. Do hope that you release some new free material instead of recycling the old e-books. I know this all takes time. Thanks again.

  2. I am already very impressed! I have been receiving emails from this site for quite a long time and have very seldom been able to get into the site/blog/tutorials and so forth to make comments and so forth., I clicked the link from the newsletter post and it brought me instantly here. I think this will be a fabulous site for information! Looking forward to exploring!

  3. The new site looks super and is easier to read and navigate. Congratulations!

    What really disappoints me is that directions and patterns for many projects from the TV show used to be free. Since starting the 1500 series, everything must be purchased, as far as I can tell. I buy many of your products from the web site, as well as other vendors, as a result of seeing the Quilting Arts episodes. I hope this policy changes soon!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for you comments about the site and QATV projects. We listened to our QATV viewers and created a compromise policy beginning with QATV 1600. Most of the patterns, templates, short tips, etc. are free on the website. More involved how-tos are available for purchase individually in our online store. In this way, you don’t have to pay for info you are not interested in. We hope this can balance our need to cover costs with our viewers’ expectations.

      1. I’m not sure I understand exactly what “most of the patterns, templates, short tips, etc. are free on the website” means. As an avid viewer and subscriber to Quilting Arts for years, I used to see free PDFs for many of the projects presented on the television show. They all seem to have disappeared. What I see that is free are your ebooks, which have been on the site for a long time. There may be a few that were published more recently, I’m not sure. Now it seems that Interweave is charging $4.00 for each project that is presented on the show. At least they could have left the free projects that were there before the new policy took effect. I don’t know the viewers who were interviewed about the new policy, but they all must have been employees or instructors for Quilting Arts. In reading comments from some viewers purchasing under the new policy, it seems that you can’t get the instructions for the projects even when buying the DVDs of the series. If you are really listening to your viewers, then here is my view. If one is a subscriber to the magazine or buys the series DVDs, they should be given access to the instructions for the projects free of charge. I have loved buying and reading the magazine for years and have bought quite a few books and purchased other downloads, but now having to pay $4.00 for each little project that I’d like to make is a bit much! Still not pleased…..

        1. Hi Sandy542,

          Thank you for your feedback. The free projects from QATV are still available for memebers to download from the website. You can peruse all of the free projects from the show by clicking on the “Free Projects” link at the top of the QATV homepage. If you are looking for a project from a particular season you can also click on that series and then “View All Series Projects.” We have also gathered all of the projects from QATV Series 1500 and 1700 into individual eBooks located at InterweaveStore.com so you don’t have to download each project separately.


  4. The new design is truly welcoming. I love perusing through the site for inspiration and seeing what’s going on in the quilting world.
    As a fiber artist who’s rediscovering my creative self, I love the Tutorials & Projects and Quilting Techniques menus. They are awesome for getting those creative wheels turning.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. I’d love to win some fabric.

    Looks like the new website needs a little tweaking with the ipad version. A green menu keeps popping up that i didn’t ask for….obscuring the page.

  6. Although not a quilter per se, my Mom was and loved watching her create new pieces of work. We were always excited to try the latest techniques, many of which I use in my own sewing. Mom isn’t with me now, but left her legacy and love of creating through sewing. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

  7. Wow! A huge improvement! So clean, fresh, and organized. I’m looking forward to discovering aspects of Quilting Daily I didn’t know existed. Thanks for the makeover!

  8. New site is much easier to use and I like the cleaner look. I really enjoy QATV and watch every episode. Here’s an idea–perhaps you could film longer episodes of some of the more involved techniques for free viewing or perhaps purchase? Some of the episodes are quite short for real understanding of the techniques.


  9. I’ve already had Quilting Daily bookmarked and I’m so happy I have. It keeps me informed and is always there when I need an answer. Blessed is the quilter with the most fabric, hands should never be idle! Thanks for everything.

  10. Wow, love the improvements to the site. It’s easier to find & it is loading faster. Thank you for this service. I’m an experienced sewer, but a novice quilter. Your site’s info is amazing!

  11. This new website looks extremely efficient. I love learning new things in an easy format. When I was a young lady, I was exposed to computers that took up a whole chilly room. Needless to say, I am not the greatest operator. Lots of User Errors. I really appreciate the way you have organized the new site. Thank you so much!
    Auntie Anne Quilts

  12. Love being able to find the tutorials and techniques that I want/need more easily. And larger pictures will be a big help in seeing what’s going on or what’s on offer.

  13. I’m really excited about the updated website, especially the gallery tab. I already look forward to receiving the emails each week and this makes it even better. Thanks for all the hints and tutorials. They are really helpful!

  14. Im getting used to the new look and thus far enjoying the new layout and ease of finding everything. Although I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 10, taught by my older sister, I need more instruction on that too but I have wanted to really get more into the quilting. I love quilts and I want very much to learn the basics of quilting BY HAND, THE OLD FASHION WAY so Im hoping the class you offer here is by hand since I will be taking that class. Where I live in Calif. I have not had much luck with finding anyplace to teach quilting, by hand, that really wants to teach the art and not just to get a bus load to take around places to get commissions! I am looking forward to learning and Im praying it is what I believe it is going to be like. I can so some sewing but not pro for sure and I really want to learn to quilt good.

    1. You won’t find many teaching that. Everybody wants quick machine techniques and it makes no money as no one wants it. BUT there are a number of tutorials on You Tube teaching it.
      Good luck!

  15. I´d love to win fabrics, they are so expensive here in Brazil. But I don´t think you will send them to a reader out of your country. I take time each day to see new inspirations on your site, it is amazing!!! Thank you so much.

  16. I was looking through the Gallery and was going to upload a recent project quilt but was unable to because it required uploading a project file in addition to the picture of the project. What does this entail? I didn’t see an explanation of the requirements or expectations for the required fields.


  17. I have to admit that I just glanced at the old website and moved on, but this new website shows what you have to offer, which is quite impressive. I was unaware that there was a choice of tutorials, basic quilting, modern quilting and fiber arts. I will definitely pay more attention and do some exploring.

  18. The organization and look of the new site are wonderful! Easy to find lots and lots of ideas. I so appreciate the downloads about various techniques. I’ve learned so much and the new tabs will make it easy to keep on learning. Thank you!

  19. Being more familiar with a sewing machine than techie junk, I find it refreshing to read the “key” to the map. Maybe I can find some of your good stuff when I look for it in future. Thank you. Oh, yeah, I’d love to win some fabric.

  20. Your article on Profile of Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini, in the Spring 2016 issue of “modern patchwork”, written by Abby Glassenberg, is very good. it did, however, fail to mention that Vanessa also manages the successful Crafty Gemini Quilt Club. It’s like the best Quilt Guild you would ever become a member of and all from the convenience of your home. As it is over 400 members strong and growing, it probably deserved to be mentioned. Enjoying all that you folks do, thank you.