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Pokey BoltonWhen we launched the Quilting Arts Community last spring, we hoped to build a place where contemporary quilters, mixed-media fiber artists, and others could share information and inspiration in forums, through videos, and in our online galleries. At the same time, we wanted to make it easy and fun to find all of our special online editorial offerings, like editors' and authors' blogs, Online Extra articles, and e-Books. 

Our readers and online followers instantly made the QA Community the place to come and chat, share, and play show-and-tell. But each month we've added new features or updated previous ones. If you haven't stopped by the Community in a while, here's what you might have missed.

Free motion e bookTwo free e-Books: "How to Make a Quilt: Free-motion Machine Quilting: 67 Machine Stitching Tips and Motifs" and "Seven Quilted Bag Patterns: Handmade Quilt Bags from Quilting Arts." If you don't have yours yet, download them now.

Two new blogs:  

  • Our new Quilting Arts Assistant Editor Pippa Eccles has brought a fresh perspective to our staff and the magazines she works on. She reaches out to the QA community through her own blog, so be sure to read her posts and leave a comment.
  • Quilting Daily is our latest offering, a place where on Tuesdays and Thursdays we update you with news, tips, tricks, and trends of the contemporary art quilt world.

Online Extra Articles: You can find out how to add sparkle to a patchwork apron, get details on the different kinds of batting available, and learn more tips on how to design your own commercial fabrics, and read about how to pool your resources (and have fun) at a Dye Camp in our Extra articles.

A Glossary of Quilting Terms:  Perplexed about pigment inks? Unsure of shisha mirrors? We've added more quilting, design, and embellishment terms to our online glossary.

We're always adding new blogs, free stuff, and gallery art, so be sure to check the Quilting Arts Community daily!

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3 thoughts on “Whats New in the QA Community

  1. I am looking for a pattern for a Dutch Doll quilt. I have a drawing of the Dutch Doll, but I would like to have the individual pattern pieces. Thanks.

  2. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Kiki Myers. I am looking for the Sampler Quilt by Chris Hoover. It has 12 different blocks in it. I emailed Keepsake Quilting and the said that the pattern is not available at this time. Is there anyone out there who knows where I can find this pattern? I would really like to do this one for one or more of my 5 granddaughters.

    Kiki in NC USA

  3. Help! I’ve been watching Quilting Daily since Christmas and I saw a guest quilter demonstrate how she assembled layered quilt blocks quickly and in a unique way on the machine. I’m talking backing, batting and top, sewn together with no rugged seams. The block(s) were held batting sides together or something, then folded another direction for the top seam and it was perfect.

    I can’t remember the project or the guest’s name, only that she wore glasses and had light or grey hair…maybe wore blue during the episode? I would love to either find the episode on Youtube or at least see if anything is posted about what it was that was done in her project, but I can’t seem to dig enough information out of my distracted brain to know what, where and who.

    Can anyone help …. or have I only confused everyone??