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"Cardiff Sunset" by Peggy Dugan French

Announcing ‘Going Places’ Reader Challenge finalists

In the October/November issue, we challenged readers to create an art quilt based on the theme “Going Places,” in whatever way that translated to them. When we created the challenge, we were thinking ahead to spring and all of the transformations that take place. Our creative and clever readers did, indeed, take this challenge to…

Foil Embellishment Quilt

Foil Embellishment Techniques: Tips for Success

Nothing adds a shot of excitement or glamour to your quilt art faster than foil. Foiling is one of the easiest embellishment techniques, but there are a few tricks for success: 1. Choose an adhesive. Selecting the right adhesive for foiling is critical to your success. There are different types of adhesives including spray, hot melt, liquid,…


Free templates: Create the Look for Old World Tiles by Desiree Habicht

In the October/November 2015 issue, Desiree Habicht wrote about her fabric painting technique for created a beautiful “old world” looking quilt inspired by her travels in Italy. Click below for full-size templates to create your own version of her quilt, “Italian Countryside Tiles,” plus additional painting tips from Desiree. Habicht_Landscape_Templates_QA77

quilting tutorials tab

Welcome to the New Quilting Daily!

Welcome to the new and improved Quilting Daily community website! We’ve given the site a fresh, easy-to-use new design to help you find all of the art quilting and modern quilting projects, inspiration, videos, and tutorials that you love. Here’s a little tour and some hints to help you find all the things you love…

itajime shibori resist dyeing dubrawsky

Itajime Shibori Dyeing: How it Works

Itajime shibori dyeing is making a comeback, and for good reason. The ancient Japanese technique of sandwiching a piece of folded fabric between two hard objects (such as the traditional option of wood or the current choice of Plexiglas) and then soaking it in a dye bath, results in strongly patterned fabric with high graphic…

Averinos portrait quilt

Announcing the ‘Face Time’ Portrait Quilts Reader Challenge finalists

Let’s face it, we love portrait quilts. Humans are drawn to faces. We look for information and other clues in the expressions of others. Artists of all mediums have used the face as the subject or inspiration of their work–be they realistic, abstract, or somewhere in between. In the August/September issue, we challenged readers to…

painting on fabric

Create the Look of Old World Tiles with Fabric Painting

A couple of years ago we remodeled our kitchen, including a herringbone patterned tile backsplash that inspired me to make patchwork pillows in the same design. I thought of that recently when editing the October/November 2015 issue of Quilting Arts. In it, Desiree Habicht describes a fabric painting technique using acrylic ink, painted fusible, and…

crocheted flag fabric collage

Fabric Collage Technique: String Prayer Flags Together with Crochet

One of the best parts of making prayer flags–for me–is that it gives me the opportunity to use some of the old linens, too-pretty-to-throw-out fabric scraps, and yarns and fibers that are in my stash. On The Prayer Flag Project blog, current coordinator Lisa Chin has been posting tutorials and one in particular caught my…