Cloth Paper Scissors “Winter Holiday Critter Stuffie” Reader Challenge

24 Jun 2009

The deadline for our “Winter Holiday Critter Stuffie” Reader Challenge is coming up on July 13th and we thought it might be fun to do a mini-interview with the artist who inspired this challenge: Diana Trout. Diana’s Critters are adorable and fun to make. Take a look at Diana’s article in our May/June issue and get inspired to make your own.

 (Opening page from Diana's article in our May/June issue.)

1. I know Stuffies are quite popular right now, but what prompted you to make your first one?

My pal, Susan, and I were goofing around, painting fabric in my studio. I had been teaching a series of stuffies workshops so after the fabric dried, it just seemed like a natural step. Watching all those folks in my workshops having fun making stuffies made me want to have fun, too. Also it was wintertime. Things like this happen in the winter when you aren't distracted by nice weather.

2. Does a Critter’s personality come to mind and then you create it, or does the personality emerge as you create?

I'm definitely a "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" artist. I sit down with my materials doing one thing and then the next thing, until I stop. I like to think that making art in this manner makes the art come from some place deeper within me. But it may be that I'm not organized enough to do all that planning.

3. The Critter Stuffies that you made for CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS were small. Have you made any larger Critters?

I like to make this [small] size. They fit easily into my hand. I've made teeny stuffies from Aranzo Aranzi's THE CUTE BOOK. Now that you mention it, it would be fun to make some large monster-sized stuffies and some wee elves. That could make for some action-packed videos.

4. Do you ever find your mood on any given day translated into the Critter?

Absolutely. Working on those Critters is like looking into a crystal ball. My mood will be revealed if I am patient. Critter Stuffies are the windows into my soul, my inner self portraits.



-------------------------------Take a look at this "Christmas Corgi" stuffie submitted by Cathy Santarsiero of South Salem, NY. 

There is still time to enter the "Winter Holiday Critter Stuffie" Reader Challenge. See entry rules at

Now, go have some fun and create some "Stuffies.” I can’t wait to see all of the new Critters!    


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