• Talkin' Turkey (From Photo to Mini Quilt)

    The other morning while putting on a pot of jo', I spotted this surprising sight out of my kitchen window: Twelve hours later, same skyline: And the following morning when I tried to go to work: A gaggle of wild turkeys on my street stopped me in...

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  • Stitch, Fall 2008

    ON THE COVER: Asymmetrical Folds skirt features Sew Eco Elaine Lipson Organic + sustainable fabrics = lasting beauty Handsewing Revolution Marlene Blessing Natalie Chanin from Alabama Chanin: style and stitch visionary projects Gifted 10 luxurious fabric...

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  • Is there an author in the house?

    Here at Quilting Arts/ Cloth Paper Scissors headquarters, we have been holding our collective breath for a while now, anxiously awaiting the arrival of….drum roll… Cate's book ! Many moons ago, our features editor, Cate Coulacos Prato , did us proud...

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  • Tricks and Treats

    What's that saying: When the cat's away the mice will play? My husband's been out of town for the past week, and while he was gone, play I did… A few things have been on my mind lately: my beautiful hometown of San Francisco, the Grateful...

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  • Harvest Time At Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors

    **Please note there is a 10/1/08 update in the post below... Studios is here! In case you hadn't heard the news, the new Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS issue is now available! It is absolutely gorgeous (thanks to the hard work of editor Cate Prato and...

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  • Fabric Stash Giveaway Part II

    Thanks so much to everyone who sent Barbara your favorite art book titles and answered my Snooze or Cruise vacation question from my previous entry. Some of your responses were hilarious! This past vacation I had intended to only be a cruiser, but alas...

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  • How well do you know your editor? A two-part giveaway!

    This is the first of two blog entries where you, cherished blog reader, have the opportunity to receive a fat (and I mean FAT) stash of stenciled, screened, and stamped papers and hand-dyed fabrics. I will be giving 15 of these stashes away. Challenge...

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  • Collage & Quilt Opportunities Abound (and Meet the Joneses)

    Virginia Spiegel’s e-newsletter popped into my in-box earlier this week, letting me know that another Collage Mania auction to raise funds for the American Cancer Society will be taking place. Virginia’s efforts to raise funds and rally artists for ACS...

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  • Home from QA TV Taping

    As they say in TV speak, it’s a wrap! All 13 episodes of our third season of QA TV have taped. Now the editing and captioning fairies will work their magic so that Series 300 will be ready to air nationwide starting December 26. I had wanted to give a...

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  • QA TV: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Studio

    I landed in Cleveland this morning and as the tires hit the tarmac, I thought of doing a reckless thing: of not going directly to the QA TV studio set to drop off my supplies and hang my clothes, but rather stopping somewhere I have wanted to go for nearly...

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  • Stitches and Steamers

    I'm in lock down prepping for next week's QA TV taping, but when I woke up Sunday to gorgeous, sunny, 80+-degree weather, I just had to lug my fabric and stitching supplies onto the front porch and throw on a swimsuit. (You can take the girl out...

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  • One more fabric winner and sneak peek of the guests for Quilting Arts TV Series 300

    My screen-printed fabric packs are cut, sorted, and ready to go! Goodbye my colorful calico and crepe de Chine lovelies, I hope your new owners put you to good use… I only received nine emails yesterday instead of 10 so I am drawing another winner. Congratulations...

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  • Fabric Winners!

    I felt a little blessed this weekend to have had a beautiful Saturday afternoon all to myself. I dragged an 8' table onto my driveway and loaded it with piles of fabrics (cottons, organzas, and velvets) as well as stamps, stencils, printing inks and...

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  • Quilting Arts GIFTS and a Fabric Giveaway

    I feel such a huge sense of elation, relief and utter joy; I want to jump up and down, dance around the office, or go run along the beach and holler into the breeze. Why am I so giddy? The Quilting Arts GIFTS issue officially went to press today. I'm...

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  • The Lowdown on Long Beach

    Artist Alisa Burke poses with a fan. For those of you who didn't come to International Quilt Festival/Long Beach and Make It University!™ with Cloth Paper Scissors, we sure missed you! Some pictures for you… Surviving the Runway Luncheon (Thursday...

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