International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene--Share Your Thoughts!

2 May 2011

It's hard to believe how 2011 is flying by. Here at the Quilting Arts offices it's once again time for the editorial team to focus on the next  issue of INTERNATIONAL QUILT FESTIVAL: QUILT SCENE.

QUILT SCENE celebrates everything we love about quilting today. It's like an entire quilt show packed into a super-sized special issue.

Our 2010 issue was full of fresh ideas, contemporary projects, and informative articles. We're so excited about the upcoming 2011 issue that we'd love to have your feedback to help make it even better!  

So what did you think of the INTERNATIONAL QUILT FESTIVAL: QUILT SCENE 2010 issue? What projects did you love? What articles would you like to see more of? What new things should we try?  You can email your thoughts to


To check out the table of contents for the 2010 issue, with a complete article listing, click here.

We're also looking for QUILT SCENE submissions that focus on traditional quilting with a lively, contemporary spin and articles geared towards both the traditional and intermediate/advanced quilter. You can find more information about the submissions process here. The deadline for QUILT SCENE submissions is May 31, 2011.


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