Quilting Arts 2012 Calendar Sneak Peek + Giveaway

20 May 2011

2012 quilting calendarWhen Pokey announced the finalists of the 2012 Quilting Arts "Feeling Pet-ty" calendar contest on her blog back in February, I couldn't wait for the artwork to start arriving at our offices.

As we unwrapped each 12" x 12" quilt, the Quilting Arts staff was blown away by not only the skill, stitching, and embellishment that went into each piece, but by the love that art quilters have for their favorite pet or animal. Personally, I thought the narratives accompanying each quilt were also incredibly inspiring. They included brief stories of beloved pets, comic takes on farm animals, and a poetic description of the very elegant iguana ("Miss Isabella Iguana") by Jill Packard that graces the calendar cover.

All in all, the thirteen art quilts featured in the 2012 calendar make for a fun, diverse mix that showcases the animal kingdom and art quilting all year long. The calendar is currently available for pre-order in the Quilting Arts Store, but I thought it would be fun to share a sneak peak of a few of the quilts in the calendar. Below is "Jazz Fetch!" by Nancy Hayes for the month of August. Don't you just love Jazz's wet nose and carefully stitched, begging eyes? And in Susan E. Conner's "Touching Noses" (March) the fabric choices and embellishments work together perfectly to showcase a moment of tension--and possible friendship!

To celebrate the soon to be released 2012 Quilting Arts calendar, I'm giving away one copy to a lucky reader! To enter the giveaway, post a brief comment below describing your favorite animal or pet. I'll pick a random winner on Tuesday, May 24, 2011.

Have a great weekend!

Quilting Arts, 2012 Calendar, art quilt petQuilting Arts, 2012 Calendar, art quilt pet

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robinnn wrote
on 20 May 2011 1:59 PM

Carter is my favorite pet - he's a Shih Tzu/Maltese cross, and 2 years old. He's very goofy and sneezes on my feet to get my attention.

on 20 May 2011 2:56 PM

Milton Bradley is my favorite pet.  He is a grey striped cat that was rescued as a kitten from a busy street.   My husband named him as he kept knocking all of our boardgames off of the shelf.

SewLindaAnn wrote
on 20 May 2011 9:15 PM

Wow, seeing that Iguana really brought back memories for me. I had "Lizzie" for just over a year. I know it wasn't very long, but in her 2nd year she became very aggressive and we had to put her to sleep. While I don't recommend iguanas as house pets any longer, after learning more about them, she was definitely a favorite while she was young.

on 20 May 2011 9:24 PM

Jazzmine AKA Doodle-Butt was a Pit Bull mix we adopted after she was rescued and bounced around. She stole our hearts with her sweet nature (so different from the bad rap they have). My son brought home kittens that adopted her and would greet her every morning by rubbing against her neck. Sadly, she passed this past summer. We rescued another Pit mix from death row after that (because of Jazz's sweet nature). Incredibly, those kittens adopted our new Pit Jess (our "Doodle-In-Training"). No home is complete without a little animal hair and the love connected to it.

Cher4him wrote
on 20 May 2011 10:37 PM

My favorite pet was my dog Buffy. She was given to me by my husband and I loved her.

Dia9 wrote
on 21 May 2011 8:03 AM

"Muddy" was a Tiger salamander my husband I kept and cared for after our son moved across country and couldn't take him along. An interesting, unique sleek and sassy creature who livened up a corner of the living room in his tank.

rosebudpearl wrote
on 21 May 2011 8:04 AM

Izzie, Addie and Meredith are my favorite pets.  They are all toy rat terriers and I couldn't love them any more.  

lrond01 wrote
on 21 May 2011 8:08 AM

Cannelle is my lovely 13 year-old shelty I rescued when she was five. She is such a sweet lady but she was in a very distraught state of mind when I got her. It took her a year to wave her tail when I came home and two years to come to me when called. I'm grateful for every day she's in my life. Looking at "Jazz Fetch" makes me want to do a piece with Cannelle!

Line from Montreal

Carol DK wrote
on 21 May 2011 8:10 AM

I LOVE the cat/fish and iguana, and how cute is the dog?!  

Our favorite pets were raised together from the start and were the best of friends. We had a border collie/australian shepherd pup, a bunny, and a rescued himalayan kitty. They snuggled together snoozing in the garage and huddled together in their spot in the house. They played together in the yard and were delightful for all to watch and wonderful friends for us to love.

mummszyv wrote
on 21 May 2011 8:13 AM

Growing up we had a dog named Mr. Peabody. He was definitely a mutt. But we loved him, he was a part of our family. He was a very frisky little white dog with a brown spot. He loved to run jump and play whether he was outside the house or indoors. I remember than baths that we all enjoyed, scrubbing him while he got the whole bathroom sopping wet. That was at least 50 years ago. We fun he was, it was more fun calling Mr. Peabody, come here.

Cheryl Goyer wrote
on 21 May 2011 8:19 AM

My favorite pet was my cat Midnight. He was the first pet I had as a child and I miss him still.

roselegge wrote
on 21 May 2011 8:29 AM

We have a big, precious Marmaduke of a dog!  We rescued him from Denver's Dumb Friends, and he's been our sweetest friend ever since.  He was neglected and abused, but has not a mean bone in his body.  

Duke loves everybody, and even babies are safe with him.  (They may receive giant slurps, though)!

Rose Legge  

Sharon Scott wrote
on 21 May 2011 8:29 AM

My favorite pet is my dog, Cassio.  He is a sharpei and a wonderous creature.  So much personality, and he is just like my husband, he snores & is OCD. I love them both!

on 21 May 2011 8:36 AM

I love both cats and dogs equally, but when I am quilting and my cat comes and sits on my fabric and falls asleep...that is the cutest.

contrylady wrote
on 21 May 2011 8:44 AM

Would love to win a calendar.. I have a 8 yr old cat, named Patches. She got upset because there was an animal outside and attacked me on the hand and arm. I was in the hospital because of that for 3 days on antibiotics. And, yes, I still have the cat..even tho she still has a bad temper at times. I am presently working on a quilt that is a cat panel that I am decorating in honor of her.. She already loves the quilt.. she loves to eat the cotton batting!

isabelle2009 wrote
on 21 May 2011 9:04 AM

2 grown dauthters, 2 rescue dogs left behind with parents while they persue their lives. They can't have them back now!!!

5 cats, all with their unique adoption stories, all help sew, read pattern books, deliver cut up pieces of fabric and love to explore my sewing room.

I love the animal calendar. Amazing what can be done with bits of fabric and thread.

on 21 May 2011 9:16 AM

My two cats named Bubba, who have both passed away, were my favorites.  Now before you start thinking that I was a "here is my cat, Bubba, and my other cat, Bubba" you have to know that the Bubba's were in my life during separate times.  

I had a Maine Coon named Bubba while I was in high school and then one day as an adult I saw a cat that looked just like my Bubba at a shelter.  I looked at his name tag and lo and behold his name WAS Bubba!  I picked him up and he nuzzled into my hair.  It was love at first snuggle. :D

Shane B. wrote
on 21 May 2011 9:20 AM

I have a beautiful English Chocolate Lab named "Shamus" I adore him. I also have three parrots, Mango, Cayo, and Largo. I can't pick a favorite. I love them all so much. :)

aluze wrote
on 21 May 2011 9:42 AM

As a young girl my step father took both my brother and I to purchase are own horses. What amazed me was the horse trader took one look at each of us and paired us with the perfect horse. Idlewhiles Sheba was my first horse and she was a perfect companion for the next 6 years.

AnnieSky wrote
on 21 May 2011 9:44 AM

Of course my favorite is my current dog - Harpo.  He's a mini-poodle mix and bright as a button!

mcquilts wrote
on 21 May 2011 9:44 AM

magoo is the cutest pekinese that you have ever seen. my man is 14 years old and although probablly on the last year of his life, he is still smiling all the time and sleeps with me by his side. When I read, he props his little head on my book and I can see his cutey boy head. He was very macho when younger, so I think his fiestyness has kept him going all this time

KarenHelen wrote
on 21 May 2011 9:47 AM

I love the wildness of my pet cat, BB Chang. He comes into the house for a few hours of loving every evening, then he is off roaming our farm....who knows what mischief he gets into. Looking forward to viewing the 2012 Calendar.

Cay Denise wrote
on 21 May 2011 9:55 AM

My favorite pet was Midgit, a lovebird (a species known for being the pitbulls of the avian kingdom).  He would stand tall (all of about 5") on the edge of one kitchen drawer that stowed his toys, to protect them when the drawer was open.  Nightly, he would burrow under the neckline of my clothing and become a sleeping lump underneath.  Delightful memories!

lynn howell wrote
on 21 May 2011 9:56 AM

The detail and work that went into these are amazing.Can't wait the see the rest.Lynn

kayaksml wrote
on 21 May 2011 10:02 AM

All kinds of animals interest me.  But the furry cuddly kind are my favorites.  If it's a do great, they love you unconditionally.  If a cat, they willshow that they love you when they want to.   All are good.

gumbeau wrote
on 21 May 2011 10:18 AM

I have three cats so I would be in trouble if they knew I had a favorite...but I want to tell you about my boy P.T. (stands for The poor Pathetic Thing). Petey was a scrawny, scary looking neighborhood tom. He's eyes were red (like a demon!), his black and white coat appeared grey because he was so dirty. I refused to feed him because I wanted him to go away. Then one day he was in my driveway and I noticed horrible gashes all across his face. Ashamed of my own hard-heartedness I started feeding him but he was kind of feral so I didn't interact with him much.

When his facial wounds healed he'd come back with a new batch. One day he came to me looking like his face had been attacked by a weedeater. I decided then and there that it was time to have him "fixed." Somehow I managed to get him into a carrier and brought him to the vet. On the off chance that one day he could one day become a pet I asked for an FIV (kitty AIDS) test.

An hour later they called to tell me that Petey was FIV positive and suggested I have him euthanized since he was already sedated for surgery. I tearfully refused, I could not imagine bringing him to the vet to improve his health and prolong his life and then having him put down. It just felt so wrong. The vet said that we would have to agree not to let him go outside again because cat fights would lead to spread of the virus to other animals. I agreed, and Petey has lived a somewhat solitary life in our sunroom since that time.

It took a while for Petey's face to heal but with regular food he began to fill out. It turns out that he is indeed a very, very sweet cat, though it is also evident that he had suffered abuse at the hands of humans. When I took him to the vet for a checkup we were amazed that his health was fairly decent. And the vet thinks he's an old, old man, which surprised me.

Old Man Petey has tripled in size since his operation and now he's quite a 'fatty fat' (though I promise I do not overfeed him -- they think it's from lack of exercise). I spend time with him every day and he NEVER ever tries to get out of the house. He's  cared for and deeply loved and I am still ashamed that I didn't care for him sooner! P.T. the poor Pathetic Thing has become Petey the Precious Thing around here. We love him very much (even though he is on insanely expensive prescription cat food)! I don't know how long Petey will be with us, but he will have a good life for whatever time he has left!

Inger4 wrote
on 21 May 2011 10:24 AM

Our favorite was "nimmer" - a small rabbit. She became quite tame and used to love to roam free in the garden. She would always come and help me dig the garden - she was very keen on that. Never thought a rabbit could become so tame, but she was a unique creature.

coollabtech1 wrote
on 21 May 2011 12:00 PM

My favorite pet is my Australian Shepherd Casper whose official name is Casper Lucky Dog. Best dog in the world!

CYooOhio wrote
on 21 May 2011 12:35 PM

Wow, so hard to pick a "favorite" cat from the nine we love and call our children!  However, little Bobby, aka  Bob Hope, stole my heart at the animal shelter.  We went there to find a pair of sibblings to bring home and luckily found Dorothy Lamour and Bing Crosby, but then the caretaker said they used to have two sets of siblings, but someone just took Bobby's sister so he was alone and hiding in the corner.  Broke my heart to leave him so the infamous Road Crew of Dorothy, Bing, and Bob were born.  I have always and continue to hold a special place in my heart for Bobby.  I wonder where is sister is today.  

LOVE the sneak peaks above.  That Iguana is absolutely STUNNING!!

Darcy3672 wrote
on 21 May 2011 1:45 PM

Love my 3 dogs,  Miss my ferrets and cat that died last fall,

love most animals except iguanas.  hubby had one and I had 101 ways in mind

to kill it but alas it died on its own :)

jimbel wrote
on 21 May 2011 2:12 PM

Olivia is the best dog i have ever known!  a black standard poodle who has a passion for fun, leaping, dancing and joy!

neqltr wrote
on 21 May 2011 2:17 PM

Princess Jasmine is my mini red Dauschound.  She has always been my nurse dog.  She has nipped me when I stopped breathing, she lays next to me to comfort me when I'm sick or have had surgery. She will lay close to me, when I'm chilled or move away if i'm too hot.  She licks the tears off my face, and follows me from room to room to make sure i'm safe.  When I have fallen, she ran to the front door and barked then returning to me, licking me, and then running back and forth till someone came home and found me on the floor.  She is now 12 yrs old, white in the face and I can not image life without her.  I love my little princess.

nstephen wrote
on 21 May 2011 2:32 PM

Did you know that some sea turtles live to be 80 years old? Or that sea turtles have been swimming in earth’s oceans for over 100 million years, pre-dating many dinosaur species? I've been enthralled by these gentle reptiles ever since I inadvertently swam with a group of them in Hawaii a few years ago. I’ve recently retired and have just begun a quilt honoring the sea turtle, inspired by my swimming experience.

msbananas wrote
on 21 May 2011 2:45 PM

My favorite pet is a beautiful border collie I rescued.  I name her miss Callie....and she is my constant companion...and such a lover dog...such a sweet sweet girl....I just cannot understand why anyone would dump such a lovely dog.  She is now my BEST FRIEND = )

mlink wrote
on 21 May 2011 2:48 PM

I love our cat Zeus, the softest cat I've ever known.  You can tell it is her rubbing your leg, through your jeans, rather than Becky the cat, by her softness.

Judi73 wrote
on 21 May 2011 3:43 PM

Teddy was my all time favorite pet.  He had a big dogs personality packed in to a tiny pomeranian body.  He was so smart we had to spell certain words in front of him, such as WALK, MILK.  Eventually he learned what the spelled words meant! I've had other great pets but Teddy holds a special place in my heart.


canary523 wrote
on 21 May 2011 3:52 PM

I have the best cats in the world.. they are so colorful and so friendly and fun to be around!  Punkin in the Sun was sent in for the calendar, but the competition was so stiff for this calendar, and just by seeing the above samples, it's going to be a great calendar!

Annie122 wrote
on 21 May 2011 5:16 PM

We have assorted fish, a big old labrador, and a dozen tadpoles, but in honor of World Turtle Day (May 23rd), I'd choose my son's red-eared slider, Nutty.  "True to his name," my boy says, and indeed he's right.  Our luckiest 'pet', however, is the feeder fish we gave to Nutty in early February; for some reason he chose to spare his life and they have been tank-mates ever since.

snowbaby wrote
on 21 May 2011 9:23 PM

We loved our Keeshond,he was sooooooooo sweet and was good with the kids. If i ever get another dog it would be a Keeshond.

on 22 May 2011 11:40 AM

My favorite pet was a Himalayan cat named Chauncey.  He was my bud when I was single and living alone.  He used to play fetch with little plastic people.  He was a fantastic kitty companion!

lavirgi wrote
on 22 May 2011 12:02 PM

My favorite animal was a childhood pet, a dashund named Sammi.  I find myself remembering him all the time and telling my daughters about him when I was growing up.  I'll never forget him.  

on 22 May 2011 12:11 PM

My favorite pets are "Scooter and Tia".  Scooter is a little dacshund who gives lots of love and cuddles and Tia is our border collie who wants to protect everyone!

Scooter loves quilts and now has her very own!

on 22 May 2011 9:53 PM

My favorite pet was my cat Herman. I lost him to early, he was an amazing  tabby cat.

quiltcat22 wrote
on 23 May 2011 1:00 PM

I love the concept behind the 2012 calendar.   While I did not get a piece finished  in time, the photos I got of my kitten while in search of that perfect image will delight me for many years to come.  Thank you so much for the inspiration.


silvergal wrote
on 23 May 2011 2:42 PM

Every pet I've had is a favorite!  But the most favorite was my yellow lab Manila because she led me to my sweetie (now my husband of 22 years) when she started playing with his retriever Chelsea at the park!

on 23 May 2011 9:52 PM

Favorite animal are fish.  We have Oscars that are 12 years old.

Connie311 wrote
on 24 May 2011 6:22 AM

I hope I'm not too late to enter!  My favorite animal has to be my sweet dog Lucy.  She is a Lab mix.  One time she led me to a flower that had bloomed.  If she hadn't shown me I never would have seen it.  I love her to pieces!

dfmrobinson wrote
on 24 May 2011 6:38 AM

Joker Jack "Hudson" aka Angel Boy (not) stands out with my other three dogs and three cats because: as a German Shepherd, who just turned 2, howls not barks...where did that come from?...... And he loves to eat the flowerey tops off my Chives and Tulips...needless to say I have alot of green stems in the garden this year..and with one ear up and one ear down he is one lovable goofy 100 pound lap doggie who wants to be just loved....And is! By us and all his brothers and sisters :)

Chriss110 wrote
on 24 May 2011 8:00 AM

Hi!  My favorite pet is a dog...especially mine!  My boxer Alleluja died in July of 2009.  Beloved pet and special girl, she was. I have another beautiful girl named Grace now.  She is almost two and is a joy each and every day!  Must learn how to put my girls on a quilt!!  I just made a book with all photos of Grace.  Visit my website for a peek.  spoonjarchronicles.typepad.com


on 24 May 2011 2:27 PM

Sweetie was my favorite pet.  He was a very intelligent white guinea pig.  He had one black ear and one black paw.  I used to let him free in our large backyard, and he would run to his favorite corner and hide under the Philodendron.  When darkness fell, I would call him, and he would come, in time to go back to his cage (and dinner) for the night.

Ellen's Blog wrote
on 24 May 2011 3:22 PM

A big thank you to everyone who entered the Quilting Arts 2012 Calendar giveaway . I loved reading all

on 24 May 2011 7:49 PM

My roughcoat Jack Russell, Harry is my favorite, and I've been wanting to quilt him.  He was named after the children's book, Harry the Dirty Dog.  When I lost the use of my leg a few years ago, he was just a pup, and rode on my lap in my wheelchair.  Now when I hurt, he lays his head on me there.  Harry is my nurse.

Duane Wiley wrote
on 24 May 2011 11:44 PM

"Lucy" my Siamese cat was so special.  She had been with us for 18 years.  As much as I love kitties, she will always be our Top Cat!

quiltmum wrote
on 27 May 2011 3:02 PM

Tigger...an 18 year old orange tabby that when young lived up to his name.... bounced himself off of the walls when running from wall to wall