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26 Aug 2011

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the giveaway by sharing tips, tricks, and words of wisdom on how to incorporate depth and perspective into art quilts. It was so much fun to learn more about how different quilters tackle design issues and to read through all the comments--68 in all!  I'm most certainly looking forward to asking more about your design secrets in the future. There is such an inspiring amount of collective knowledge, talent, and sense of community among Quilting Arts readers!

The randomly selected readers (I've included their comments below, just for fun.) will receive a Quilting Arts grab-bag of goodies. If your name is on the list, just email me your address at by September 9, 2011 and I'll get your prize to you.


Tish@7 wrote:

"I like to use patterned and transparent fabrics to give the illusion of depth."

strattons158 wrote:

"During the process I take pictures with my digital camera to get a better perspective of the details.  Just looking at the picture actually on the camera gives me inspiration to add or subtract from what I have.  It also lets me go back to a previous decision when the new direction doesn't work out.  That is probably the best advantage of the digital camera."

Jasssper wrote:

"I love creating art quilts, I am currently working on a window shade.  I draw out on paper what I want the finished piece to look like. I like to make sure the scale of the subjects look good. something farther away will be smaller than something close. Also I try to use bolder fabrics for the closer and more muted tones for the farther away pieces.  It is always such fun."


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