In Stitches Volume 3

Have you ever wanted to bring an expert home with you? Well, here's your chance. The third edition of Quilting Arts in Stitches is now available!


Quilting Arts in Stitches Volume 3, our newest digital product, is chock full of videos of your favorite quilt artists showing you their best hints and tips. And zooming in on any of the slideshows of gorgeous art quilts is nearly as good as holding them in your own hands.

Inside this eMag, you'll find exceptional content, videos galore, slideshows with zoom capabilities, scrolling informational and tip boxes, step-by-step instructional articles, printable materials lists, printable pages, bios for all the contributing artists, and so much more!

Articles and Projects include:

  • Turning sketches into beautiful art quilts with Gwen Hedley
  • Exploring how to combine machine and hand stitching to create various art quilts with Natalya Aikens
  • Learning how to add shadows and patterns when quilting complex scenes with Terry Grant
  • Taking a journey to the Congo in our new series-Around the World in Stitches: Kuba Rafia Textiles with Lisa Shepard Stewart
  • Exploring what happens when combining shiny, hard metals with soft, flexible textiles with Judy Coates Perez
  • And so much more!


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