In Stitches Volume 6

The latest issue of Quilting Arts In Stitches (volume 6) features an abundance of stitching inspiration! Learn new techniques and exciting twists on existing techniques with interactive features such as colorful slideshows, pan-and-zoom photographs, informative videos and detailed illustrations. Get up close and personal with each project by enlarging photos to see the tiniest details. Pause and replay videos for virtual private lessons from nationally known and fresh, new artists.


In Issue 6, Abigail Brown shares her remarkable wire and fabric birds and Betty Busby shows how she translates inspiration from microscopic images into stunning art quilts. Nancy G. Cook creates striking quilts with dense echo quilting. Barbara Schneider explores the art of wabi-sabi with large-scale, three-dimensional leaves. In our new feature, Then & Now, Sandra Donabed tells all about the history of Redwork and then shows how she incorporates it into her own contemporary work. Find inspiration in Tracy Stilwell’s mixed-media doll and make your own! Lindsey Murray removes any confusion on how to achieve perfect thread tension with a fully-animated article that explains how stitches are formed and how, with simple adjustments, you can improve the quality of your stitches. And there’s much more, including a fun quiz and a review of products to make your free-motion stitching easier and pain-free.

Chockfull of videos, photos and slideshows, In Stitches makes the perfect studio companion. Download this exciting eMag today and prepare to be inspired!

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HeatherK@26 wrote
on 22 Feb 2012 4:17 PM

so where do you go to actually subscribe to this fancy emagazine... or is this it???   It's a mystery...

on 2 Nov 2012 8:14 PM

I used to be intimidated about navigating an on-line magazine but now that I have it figured out, I love it!  The videos and close-ups are terrific - some things are best learned by watching the expert and that is what I am enjoying about In Stitches.  Keep up the great work!