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  • In Stitches, Volume 11

    In this 11th volume of Quilting Arts in Stitchesyou'll be entranced by an assortment of photo-inspired articles for your enjoyment and education, stunning art quilts by fellow quilt enthusiasts, innovative techniques that will transform your own quilt projects, and so much more. Get all this inspiration in the interactive format you know and love. This eMag is the perfect studio companion because it allows you to view colorful slideshows of step-by-step processes, pan-and-zoom photographs to get an up-close look at the tiniest of detail, and pause and replay videos.



  • In Stitches Volume 6

    The latest issue of Quilting Arts In Stitches (volume 6) features an abundance of stitching inspiration! Learn new techniques and exciting twists on existing techniques with interactive features such as colorful slideshows, pan-and-zoom photographs, informative videos and detailed illustrations. Get up close and personal with each project by enlarging photos to see the tiniest details. Pause and replay videos for virtual private lessons from nationally known and fresh, new artists.

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  • In Stitches Volume 3

    Have you ever wanted to bring an expert home with you? Well, here's your chance. The third edition of Quilting Arts in Stitches is now available!

  • In Stitches Volume 2

    Introducing the second volume of Quilting Arts in Stitches! Our first dynamic digital eMag was a great success, so we couldn't wait to bring you volume 2!