Learning How to Quilt: My First Quilt and Most Recent Quilt

14 Mar 2014
how to quilt my first quilt for mom
My beautiful mom with my very first quilt.

My mother taught me many things. An excellent seamstress, she made most of my clothes (and those of my three sisters) when I was young, and then taught me to make my own. It was also under her guidance that all of us learned to knit-and crochet, and needlepoint, and embroider, and even for a brief spell in the sixties, macramé.

But quilt? No. We were not a quilting family. We pored over pattern catalogs, treasured looking at the fabric in Marshall Field's, and smoothed out the garment tissues on the living room floor. We did not quilt.

So what came over me 20 years ago when I decided learn to quilt and make my mom a small quilt for Christmas? I have no idea. But I remember having a lovely time choosing the reds and greens and stitching the simple quilt pattern together.

Not content to pull it out only during the holiday season, my mom has had this little quilt draped over a chair in the living room every day since I made it.

how to quilt the back of my first quilt
I had no idea mitered corners existed.
When Vivika asked the quilt team to write about their beginning quilting experiences, I knew exactly where my first quilt was. And my sister was kind enough to drive over to mom's to take a snapshot and email it. (Thanks, Ruth!)

When I'm back home, I marvel at how much I've learned since I made that quilt. And although my technique (mitered corners!) has certainly improved, I do like that this early attempt has been continuously loved and treasured. We all start somewhere.

how to quilt my latest quilt
My hand-painted fabrics are the
focus of my latest quilt.
My last quilt is just as easy to locate. I have it hanging in my office. Obviously a bit different in style, this quilt is the first in a series that I'm working on with the encouragement of my quilt group.

My hope is that I continue to cut, piece, and sew that I will treasure each step of my quilting journey as much as my mom has treasured my earliest attempt.

So, how did you decide to start quilting? Go back to the time when you made your first quilt, and share your story. And, by sharing your story you have a chance to win big! That's right. Share, enter and you might win up to $200 worth of products.  Get all the contest details, and share your first quilt story. 

P.S. As I continue on my quilting journey, I consider myself lucky to have some of the best quilting resources available from the Quilting Daily Shop. Here are some of my favorites:

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