Quilting Arts TV - Series 400

8 Apr 2009

While we're working to prepare the final details for the covers of the "QATV" Series 400 DVDs, it's fun to reflect on the TV taping...now that we've been home for awhile. I can't believe that Pokey and I spent a whole week and a half traveling together - and we were still getting along well at the end. While my primary responsibility during the week was to oversee the QA Workshop DVD tapings, I tried to help in the background with the TV taping. It was thrilling to meet so many talented artists, and to see them "doing their thing" up close. I'm always amazed at how many unique artistic approaches there are to creating art quilts and related projects.

Here's a photo from the set. Alisa Burke (left) and Pokey just finished taping Alisa's "QATV" segment on making a fabulous mixed-media clutch from recycled materials. Jeanne Cook-Delpit (right) was our trusty Bernina guru. The machines worked beautifully throughout the taping.

Because an entire season of "Quilting Arts TV" was being taped, Pokey had to constantly change outfits between segments. Here she is with Melanie Testa. Pokey and Melanie were performing the garlic routine while the crew was busily preparing - here Pokey is being hooked up with the microphone.

The entire crew, under the direction of producer Kathie Stull, was fabulous, and we are already looking forward to the taping for Season 5. 

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MicheleM@9 wrote
on 29 May 2009 12:48 PM

hey, when are you going on tv???

great photos... Michele