Don’t miss out! Deadlines you don’t want to miss

6 Jan 2010

Happy new year from all of us here at Quilting Arts!

We hope you managed to squeeze in some creative time during the holidays, along with special time with family, friends, and great food. In fact, if you created any unique gifts or projects, we want to see them! Please check out the submissions guidelines, and then email your query to: This is the perfect time to submit to Quilting Arts Gifts—while gift and holiday project ideas are fresh in your mind. Don't miss out - the deadline is March 1.

And speaking of deadlines, hopefully you’ve been focusing in on your inner animal, because time is running out! Your entry is due in our office on Tuesday, January 26. The contest details can be found here.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. I need to give some serious thought to my inner animal – she must be hiding in me somewhere. I immediately gravitate to dogs, due to my deep connection with current and past pets. A few of the common threads between me and our treasured dogs are happy personalities (with plenty of quirks), a passion for food and hikes, and a love of leisurely days at the beach. (These days I do more throwing than chasing of balls, and I have not yet ventured into chewing bones, however.)

Here’s a peek at our previous dog. Yes, she usurped my beach chair! We're looking forward to seeing your inner animal art quilts.

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