Pokey unveils our new CD Collections!

23 Jan 2010

One of my resolutions is to take (and post) more photos from our interactions around the office. Because we're most often busily working at our computers, the photo ops aren't plentiful, but I am keeping my camera close at hand for when the opportunities arise. So when Pokey ran into my office to show our latest arrival, I had to capture her enthusiasm. Here she is showing the new QA and CPS CD Collections - a full year's worth of issues on one CD! So, truth be told, I share Pokey's enthusiasm - it's pretty amazing to have all the 2008 QA issues on a single CD!

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2008 Quilting Arts CD Collection

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Sale: $17.99


Enjoy all six issues of QUILTING ARTS MAGAZINE exactly as they were printed in 2008.


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