Interview with Lauren and Jessi Jung: a Mother and Daughter Fabric Designing Duo!

2 Nov 2010

I was lucky enough to catch up with Jessi and Lauren Jung, a mother – daughter fabric designing team.  Their second line of fabric, Hideaway, is brand new and a must have collection from Moda Fabrics. Throughout the interview it is clear that Lauren and Jessi are a winning team, they have complimentary talents and interests.  Read the interview below to see their take on the fabric design process!

How did you get into fabric design?

Jessi:  Being a quilt maker myself, my love for fabrics goes hand-in-hand.  The more I collect, the more I want! Today the variety of themes is endless, color combinations are daring, and the graphics are more sophisticated. This is where Lauren entered the scene.  Two years ago, she graduated from the Portfolio Center, an art school in Atlanta, GA, where she studied graphic design.  She was having difficulty finding employment.  While visiting home, she suddenly became interested in my “fabric stash”, and curious about various designers.

 You are a mother/daughter team, how did this come about?

Jessi:  As Lauren studied my fabric collections, she had a brainstorm…”Let’s design our own fabric!” she said.  After all, she had plenty of time on her hands!  She thought it would be a breeze. Without her, this venture never would have happened, because I tend to hesitate, where she sees no limitations!

Lauren:  From a graphic designer’s point of view, I liked “clean, white space”.  Knowing nothing about the art of quilt making myself, my mom explained that quilters do not like blank space…  So it took a little while to get “in sync”. We each have separate and different skills, so we need each other.  We have a great time working together.  And since we’re mother and daughter, we can be frank with each other, and not worry about hurt feelings when we disagree.

Do you split up the work or are you both involved with all the processes of the designing?

Jessi: We don’t live near each other, so splitting up the responsibilities is a must.  When we begin a new line, I do the initial sketching…. anything and everything that may be relevant to the subject matter. I draw all of my designs in a gridded sketchbook. Then we get together and Lauren enters the designs into the computer.  We work side-by-side, and non-stop for at least a week to revise, add to, delete things, and bounce ideas around.  We find that we can’t work on this stage separately, because one thought from one of us leads to another idea from the other one, and so on.  After we finalize design patterns, Lauren works on color – combinations, blends, shading.  Finally we send our prototype off to Moda Fabrics for review.

Your new line Hideaway is adorable.  Where did the inspiration come from?

Jessi:  Cuckoo clocks…. we both have a fascination for them.  I love their whimsical little dioramas of Swiss and German life.  We tried to capture cuckoo clocks many features, like pinecone weights, clock faces, tiny people, pendulums, and of course the main attraction – the cuckoo bird!

Lauren:  The cuckoo clock.  There is so much material to work with.  I am intrigued by Dutch hex signs and folk art.  And using that as my jumping off point I wanted to merge that feel with a more modern flair.  Hideaway’s design is more intricate, tight and symmetrical than the artwork in Botany (our previous line).

What is it about the fabric design process that you love the most?

Jessi:  I love the concept of  “complete fabric lines”, rather than separate or individual designs.  Once a theme is decided, it takes all kinds of patterns to create a line.  You have to consider print sizes, color combinations, simple as well as detailed graphics, and how the various designs relate to one another…. the big picture.

Lauren:  My favorite part is actually the exact opposite from my mom's.  Whereas she likes to be the idea person and get all of the initial brainstorms down onto paper…  I like to take her pencil sketches and really bring them to life.  I'm able to really fine tune the designs down to the tiniest detail, the perfect job for someone that is as meticulous as I am. I've always felt that the difference between something good and something great is that extra 20% of effort that comes at the end of a project and that's the part I love.

I hear that you have other projects besides Fabric designing that you work on.  I particularly loved the mini quilt that you put on your blog.  How did you guys come up with these ideas and patterns?

Jessi: We produce quilt patterns.  We design at least 4 patterns to compliment and promote each new line.  But the patterns obviously work with any fabric choices.  You’ll find 6 free patterns from our Botany line posted on our website, Lauren also designs the header image for Moda Fabrics' homepage every two weeks, which she loves doing. She designs wedding invitation sets and our blog features the invitations she created for her sister, Carrie’s, wedding.  Finally, we have added Scrapbooking paper design to our list.  Carrie heads the scrapbooking section of our website (currently under construction).  Carrie is our brand manager.  (Dad handles the financial books…making it a family affair)!  Oh, and Lauren also has full-time employment as an Art Director for a web design firm in Princeton, NJ!!!!  (We're all especially excited because she was just promoted last week!)

Are there any humorous/interesting facts or stories that have come out of designing your fabric lines?

Lauren: We love to mention our “Easter Eggs”…. a term referring to unexpected surprises. If you examine our fabric, you will see a spider web included somewhere in the artwork of every line – current and future!  We feel like they bring us luck.

Where is your fabric sold?  What about your patterns?

Jessi: Moda Fabrics manufacture our fabric designs.  Our lines can be found in quilt shops and on-line wherever Moda is represented. Currently, United Notions ( distributes all of our quilt patterns.  But we are in the process of submitting them to additional distributors.

Thanks Lauren and Jessi! 


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mjglandt wrote
on 2 Nov 2010 11:38 AM

Another web-site to add to my favorites!  Great designs -- Moda is one of my favorites.  I need to abandon the computer and get to the stash!

canary523 wrote
on 2 Nov 2010 11:49 AM

What a great interview.. I make art quilts and my boyfriend is a graphic designer so I could relate on all levels of this article.. it's great to see someone succeed at something they love to do!  I love the material too!  Thank you!

WyoDi wrote
on 2 Nov 2010 12:07 PM

Love the colors and the prints which lean to a Bavarian look to me.

WyoDi wrote
on 2 Nov 2010 12:08 PM

Prints have a Bavarian look to them; luv it!

buttonpearl wrote
on 2 Nov 2010 12:09 PM

Interesting interview, I'll be looking for the spider web in the designs!  Interesting little tidbit I might have missed without this article.

LisaF@12 wrote
on 2 Nov 2010 1:18 PM

how cool! a mother-daughter team! great fabric!

kathi30 wrote
on 2 Nov 2010 4:50 PM

yeah this is a great line

kathi30 wrote
on 2 Nov 2010 4:51 PM

this is a great line thank you!

TinaEliza wrote
on 2 Nov 2010 10:22 PM

What an incredible team.  How wonderful it is to team with your Mom to create fabrics utilizing skills from both.  I love the website and blog.  Can tell that Lauren's graphic design skills is at work, because I too like the white space for websites and blogs, but not fabrics.  The fabric line designs are so crisp looking with the design inviting you to touch and create.  Continued good luck with this great partnership!  BTW Lauren your bridesmaid dresses were great.

DianneR wrote
on 2 Nov 2010 10:51 PM

Truly a lovely line of fabric and a wonderful article. Thanks for the insights into the world of fabric design

sallyg@13 wrote
on 3 Nov 2010 6:29 AM

I liked the article and the fabric looks very fun!

Terrie7365 wrote
on 4 Nov 2010 11:05 AM

OMG love the new line of fabric and cannot wait to get my hands on some :)!!!!

Love the interview too  !! always nice to know a little more about the designers :)!!!!

on 6 Nov 2010 7:58 AM

I enjoyed reading this article about Lauren and Jessi's venture as designers of their "Hideaway" fabric line with Moda fabrics.  These designers are to be comended for following their dream to make this project a reality.  The fabrics are crisp, clean and compatable with a variety of product uses in quilting.  My dream come true would be to meet this designing duo and talk shop on how to get started with fabric design!

 p.s. Feel free to contact me at my email address.

fatcal wrote
on 6 Nov 2010 9:19 AM

Really liked this article.  It shows how working with someone else can draw out the best in you.  Each of them are so different and that is what gives the end results that "special magic".  Visited their website for the first time after reading this article and I can't wait till their new fabric line hits the stores in my area.

maryposuniak wrote
on 6 Nov 2010 3:12 PM

The choice of colors in Hidaway are fresh and happy!  cuckooclock theme reminded me of the chiming clock at home when I was a girl! fun colors fun fabric ,can't wait to get some!

snowdyer wrote
on 7 Nov 2010 8:19 AM

I thought that the whole notion of a family design team was awesome and it is great that each of you compliment each other so well.  I am anxious to see and feel your fabrics.......that would make my day!

snowdyer wrote
on 7 Nov 2010 8:19 AM

I thought that the whole notion of a family design team was awesome and it is great that each of you compliment each other so well.  I am anxious to see and feel your fabrics.......that would make my day!

snowdyer wrote
on 7 Nov 2010 8:19 AM

I thought that the whole notion of a family design team was awesome and it is great that each of you compliment each other so well.  I am anxious to see and feel your fabrics.......that would make my day!

on 9 Nov 2010 7:55 PM

So excited about this line. Loved Botany when it came out. Hope you will have an event here in your home town Jessie.

on 10 Nov 2010 8:04 PM

May your spider bless you both with the continued creativity energy and color/design charm .  Love the article, website, and the fabric collections. Thank you.

on 16 Nov 2010 8:46 AM

The amazing Hideaway fat qurter bundle from the interview with fabric desingers Lauren and Jessi Jung

jtalley wrote
on 2 Dec 2010 1:53 PM

I have enjoyed making projects with Lauren and Jessi's "Botany" line and look forward to using "Hideaway".  Their designs are so fresh and unique.

Kwiltsfl wrote
on 2 Dec 2010 5:52 PM

How fun to work together!  Love your Hideaway fabric line!  

CAtholichome wrote
on 26 Apr 2014 7:43 AM

Beautiful fabrics that lend themselves so well to both traditional and modern designs.