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Some blog crushes.

4 May 2009

You know, we all surf around, sorta aimless, often to the same sites?

I have been checking out some really notable sites lately and figured I would share some of them with you. These are blogs whose artwork really gets under my skin, makes me look forward to reading them and I even sometime savor them and don't go there for a few days, just so a few posts pile up and I can really partake in the goodness.

Jude Hill over at Spirit Cloth, had a profile done in Quilting Arts Magazine recently. The aesthetic she has, the manner in which she uses cloth and stitch and line. Yummers. I have always appreciated our allegorical quilt heritage, but Jude's work goes even further than that. It embraces a middle eastern, folk art perspective (at least color-wise and sometime in construction), and then veers away too, playing with white on white, darning stitches, using stitch as a statement. She just knows how to play and really uses her voice. She speaks deeply from her creative center, you gotta love that.

Sara Lechner at The Fabric of Meditation is new to me. This post is what got me. Then of course her exuberance, which is one of my favorite words.

I have been watching Camilla Engman for a while. Her latest posts make me want to sit and eat with her-just to get to the bottom of the plate! Heck! I would cook for her in order to do it, but I love cooking so it wouldn't be an imposition. She knows how to draw but does it with a very personal flare.

Then there is Mimi Kirchner, One of my first projects after getting my first sewing machine was a ...Peace Bailey doll. I forget her first name. Eleanor? I got into a cloth doll phase for a while. Mimi makes me long to return to that form of art making. Creating form to have fun and make statements with cloth. Not to mention, I would love to own one of her dolls. 

I do have a cloth doll, not one of Mimi's, made by a woman out in Oregon. Bought almost 20 years ago. Her name is Morgaine, and I love to stuff her under the covers so I might find her when I wake. A childhood game that persists. I had a book called The Best Loved Doll when I was a little girl and I see it is still around! I should buy it for myself and read it again. Shucks.

Then there is Kate Davies over at Needled. She can take some photos and last year she made a pact with herself not to purchase new clothing- to make and remake. That was fun to watch.

Ysolda is an exuberant knitter. And I do loe to knit too. And perhaps because I try to temper my involvement in too many loves, I cannot seem to pull myself away from either knitting or....

I could steer you over to some insane spinners too. (Un)fortunately, for better or for worse, I haven't decided which; I have also come to love spinning. So that that is my whirlwind tour for today.

And then too, I started moving into this site, posting some of my oldest 4x6 pieces. I think it is fun to see my quilts past.

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JaimeG wrote
on 5 May 2009 11:05 AM

Hi Melly, Thanks for the blog recommendations. Always looking for new reading material!