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I spoke, sold and teach

6 May 2009

Last night I went to my Alma Matter, The Fashion Institute of Techology and gave a small talk to a silk painting class. The teacher was one of my favorites when I went to school there, Zsu Zsi Dalquist. Or at least I hope that is how you spell it. Zsu Zsi would give us points for entering class with flair, like sliding in with arms out stretched and saying, TaDa!!!!!! I am a ham and loved every goofy minute of it. She was also the one who dumped me head aver heals into visual journaling. Gave extra credit if we did it! I am a fool for extra credit. 

I brought some work and talked about my creative path since leaving school and the how and why of the way I work. The students were receptive.

I even sold a small piece. I have started to sell more and more, This is new. I love selling work. I spoke with the woman who bought the piece and she said she would rather keep all her work than sell it. I have never felt that way. I love knowing a piece has found its home.

Zsu Zsi suggested that I teach at F.I.T, which I would love to do. She also gave me some contacts of folks she would like to view my work and see if any connections can be made. Networking and promotional stuff is the work of every artist, it would be great if we had assistants but alas. no. I wouldn't mind a mentor though.

And then the teaching part. 


If you live in California, PLEASE sign up! I would love to meet and have fun with you.

Monoprint with Soy wax Resist With Melanie Testa June 13 & 14 9am-4pm Location: San Diego Cost: $150 2-day workshop, plus $20 materials fee

Registration: email Jane LaFazio at

You’ll be asked to send a deposit of $75 to secure your space (or full payment) with balance due May 13, 2009.

Monotypes combine the spontaneity of printed dyes and cloth, creating a surface that is unlike any other technique. Each image can only be reproduced once, making your fabric unique and original to you. Combined with the use of Soy Wax, we will explore ideas of scale, motif, texture and depth. We will be using Procion MX dyes on cotton fabric in this two day class. Materials include 2 yards prepared fabric for dying, fiber reactive dyes and soy wax and tools.

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on 24 May 2009 4:22 PM


I live in Manhattan and would love to know if you are going to teach a class here.  I've used procion MX dyes, various resists, and silk in several big quilted pieces, and would love to take some more workshops or classes.