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It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

6 May 2009

I love Mr. Rogers (present tense)

Thought I might introduce you to my neighborhood. Here is some raw footage of my neighborhood. If you haven't been reading my other blog, every-single-day, you may not know that less than two months ago I moved from Flagstaff, Arizona back to the east coast to Brooklyn, New York. I used to live in Connecticut till about three years ago. So in addition to having a book come out, I am getting used to a whole new neighborhood and a whole new way of life. This ain't Kansas anymore! It isn't like Connecticut and it is far different from Flagstaff, Arizona too.

There are lots of people here. And dogs. And cat's though you see them less often. I met a little Pomeranian puppy, this afternoon. She was new, and she told me so over and over. She wanted me to touch her fur, her fur, her fur! I asked her if she was going to order a beer, because her people were sitting outside a bar. Her answer was confused and then focused on my bag, what is it?? 

The people, though somewhat less extroverted overall, are pretty neat too. I have been making some friends through knitting groups, there is a spinning guild too. I am going to go to Bernina 440QE sewing machine lessons tomorrow and hope to meet folks there too. You never know.

So this little clip gives a little idea of where I live.

Tomorrow I will video my sewing room, it is so small that a video is the only way to capture it. Though maybe I am too shy. It isn't pretty yet. I need to get things on the way. I think it needs to be creative-busy-looking. Overly inspirational, because it is so small. I wish someone could take me by the hand and show me how. Quick like. I have my eye on some lightweight metal shelves, vintage things, to out my smalls out (you know pretty chatch-is that how you spell that?)

I have been blogging out of excitement and also because tapping into my virtual community really helps me feel connected, so thanks for that Judy,Judi, Mary, Karoda, Holly, Jeannie, Mom...and everyone else that I haven't mentioned by name. And beside that I got my Flip Mino yesterday and needed an excuse to try it out1

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