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Warm up, Samples, Winner!

1 Jun 2009

Hi guys! I have been bogged down with deadlines and some play, so I didn't blog last week, I hope you understand.

Here is my warm up and craft foam stamp from the first Video Prompt Challenge. I haven't printed with it yet, it is that new. The stamp reminds me of iron imprints. It is a tiny stamp, maybe 3" square. I sometimes make really large stamps, but sometimes small too. Large ones cover more area, small stamps create a fun design splash.

Check out Jane LaFazio's warm ups.

SomethingLisa went wild with her warm up.

Cheryl Sleboda doodles away too.

Belinda Spiwak jumped in with two feet and made glue stamps using hot glue and printed like crazy. Love her results,

And I am wowed by the vivacity of Colorific who really jumped in to warming up  and trying things out with intensity. Colorific asked if I would focus on my 3RB's, and how I use them in a Vid Prompt episode and I will do this. Soon. 

If you would like me to focus on some aspect of the book that needs clarification or that you are especially interested in, don't hesitate to ask.

Belinda said she couldn't see my cardboard stamp all that well. I hope this photo helps out some.

I especially like how thick craft glue dries in these wonky and organic marks. See the divots? They only really happen on cardboard and I bet that has something to do with the glue being able to dry from both the front and the back of the cardboard. 

Here is a brown, monoprinted ground with the glue stamp print. This is printed on cotton broadcloth.

Here is an example of a larger stamp, these are about 14" long and 5" wide.

As usual, this is printed in several applications. I used lots of techniques here. I printed with the stamps first. Allowed that to dry and direct dye painted the red/brown ground.  Allowed to dry. Traced outline of printed area to that point. Cut that shape out of freezer paper and applied over the printed area. Then monoprinted the light blue. Geez, did you get all that? I sometimes feel as if all that I do is too labor intensive, but then, I enjoy process, so I suppose it all works out. 

I am making the next video right now, this is a lot of fun. If any of you have images that you want to share but do not have a blog, check out this tutorial and post photos to the 'Share your Art pages. Just remember to place the tags in! There are several video tutorials on how to use this site, here. All good to know.

And oh! If you would like email notification of updates to this blog, look over to the right where it says, 'Syndication'. The last entry in that list gives you a spot to enter your email address. Type it in and hit enter. The whole post will go directly to your email account. Photos and all.

And, well. Don't you want to know who won the purse? Has the suspense been long over due? Didn't I say I would reveal the winner 4 days ago? ahem! This Person won! So go head over to her profile page and leave lots of comments. A person needs connection you know! Congrats! I do need your mailing address, so I will Privately email you.

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on 1 Jun 2009 7:17 PM

I love those larger stamp.  I know I need to make more of these craft stamps.  It opens up a whole new world!  The funny thing is I thought about using craft foam to make stamps a few years ago, but never followed through.  I really need to follow up on more of my ideas.  Thanks for sharing yours!

MellyT wrote
on 2 Jun 2009 5:17 AM

Thanks for going over and telling Jakquil that she won! I was hoping someone other than me would do it! :)

on 2 Jun 2009 6:35 PM

Way cool. Waiting for next vid so I can play. School is over in 3 days. I can't wait. Love the ladybug circle stamps.  I could seriously do some funky things with them. Can you tell that I just had a lot of carbs? That's what happens when I eat pasta while quilting and watching NCIS!

jojo wrote
on 4 Jun 2009 7:54 AM

Weeeeee!  This is FUN!

on 4 Jun 2009 10:59 AM

I finally got your book and I am so so excited to try out more of your ideas.  I'm looking forward to the next video prompt.

smidgen wrote
on 18 Jun 2009 2:27 PM

I made a video to help out with the whole idea, please check it out: