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I2Q Vid Prompt 2: Freezer Paper

9 Jun 2009

Hello all!

Hip, hip hooray for Vid Prompt #2. In which, we check out some supplies pertaining to visual journaling, I once again encourage you to draw (drat that darned word), and I talk about freezer paper. This Prompt deals with pages 28 through 33 of Inspired to Quilt. Although I didn't say it in the video; go ahead and print if you want to! Please, be my guest.

Now: I KNOW that many of you hear the word DRAW as a four letter word.  I am sorry, here is my rant on that topic:

Just do it.

Do not judge.

When you are done, turn the page and do not look back.

If you always draw the same image, every time you sit down, keep perfecting that. 

Save your experiments.

THE FIRST PIECE of art I have ever sold was based on a non-dominant hand drawing warm up. You have to start somewhere. 

Judging your first effort is creative suicide. The point in being an artist is to be creative, do not stop yourself before you truly begin.

Be kind to yourself



I am no video master! I just want to play and have fun with the concepts in the book, so forgive my editing skillz, pl-eaze.

In the next Vid Prompt, I am going to pull the two previous videos together and get you playing with creating ATC's for Long Beach. Are you ready to play? Say, "Yes!"

I am going to be teaching until Tuesday so communication will be spotty. Don't hesitate to use the forums or to ask questions, I will get back to you.


And because I don't want the ATC post to get buried I am repeating it below.


Long Beach is coming! Are you planning to be there? I am and I have an invitation for you. Please join me in creating and trading Artist's Trading Cards inspired by techniques found in my book!

And the neat thing is, within the next two Video Prompts you will have all the techniques you need in order to do this! I will release the next Video Prompt before I leave to teach on Wednesday morning. This next Vid Prompt will focus of freezer paper resists. The following vid prompt will be about ATC's exclusively, so stay tuned and get your art supplies ready.

I made these 'uber ATC's' for Houston last fall. They are 'uber' because you might like to trade fiercely, track down all the ATC's of this grouping, if you feel so inspired.

Or maybe you would rather find all the parts of this ATC set, I don't know. But I very much want to see you there and play with this idea, are you in? Say, "Yes!"

There are some loose rules, so far.

To join in the Long Beach Inspired to Quilt ATC swap:

You must attend the Long Beach Quilt Show or have a friend bring your Inspired ATC's for you.

Your ATC's must utilize one or more techniques found in Inspired to Quilt

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Muppin wrote
on 10 Jun 2009 8:12 AM

Oh man!  This looks fun.  And I love love love your freezer paper design in this video, it's so cool.

jakquil wrote
on 11 Jun 2009 12:12 PM

Melly, I just ran across your video lessons, or just seriously viewed them, and realized what they were.  I will order the book today, and will follow along as best I can.  I know how wonderful it will be after having won your beautiful "pretty purse".  Thanks for doing this, and you can look forward to an amateurs post card in the mail.  I have taken drawing classes, my problem is I don't practice it on a regular basis, actually I draw rather infrequently, not that I don't love it.  I am looking forward to this adventure.   Thanks, Joan

on 18 Jun 2009 9:28 AM

I've been excited to work on this prompt but have had a lot on my plate.  I did draw with my non dominate hand and was surprised at how well my left hand could do.  I thought it would just be scribbles!  I'll take a picture and post it later.  I still need to buy a journal, but have been using what I have for now.  Today my goal is to make a freezer paper cutout while I do my laundry. lol  Thanks!