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14 Jul 2009

First off, a drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Promenade. David and I walked through Brooklyn Heights and enjoyed watching small sailboats compete with water taxis and barges. There were trains, planes, boats, helicopters and automobiles, bicycles and I am sure I am missing something. The page in my journal is incomplete, needs color. 
Ah well. Good stuff.

I warmed the wax pot and created a few more wax and paint samples. This is the artsy view of things. Not the all-get-out-mess-of-the-living-room scene.

That darned city squirrel is at it again. He is riling up Arrow! You can't see but someone has given Mr. S. Querrel a Ritz cracker. He is proudly nibbling all around the circumference of the cracker while maddening Arrow, who yells in a broken patter of frustration. The gall! 

Really I think Mr. S. Querrel lives in a very open society and he believes that all creatures can live side by side. This despite the fact that he glances nervously at Arrow while still not caring to put a little distance between them.

And then, I put the finishing touches on a pattern I am creating for the non-dye oriented Pretty Purse class. I will be teaching this class at the City Quilter in September, in Houston and at the Village Square Quilters, next March.
I need to venture into the city tomorrow morning to pick up some new zippers. I am interested to go because I have never been before. Shopping in NYC is always an adventure.

Then! I have to give some kudos to Pellon, makers of Wonder Under, my preferred glue. I recently bought 10 yards or the stuff at a big-box-pseudo-fabric-store. When I get it home and start using it, it is all wonky. Yucks! 

So I call to ask if they have had a bad batch. I had to leave a message and didn't expect to hear back. Wrong! I got a prompt call, they told me yes, there was a bad batch a couple of years back and this must be old stock. They are replacing all ten yards and sending a new product along too. Wow! I am impressed.

The rep told me she is the one who deals with the public and when this problem occurred initially, she got a call in the morning, then afternoon. The next day a deluge of calls which then occured day after day. I had to sympathize! I can't imagine taking all those calls from quilters just like you and I, in such quick succession (Pokey can-her most recent blog post is fantastic). Geez! But really, we are a great bunch too. We like our products and are loyal once we understand thier use and importance in our art. And well, with customer service like that! I like 'em! Good work, there.

ETA: Zipperstop is/not a store front type store. It is in Chinatown, among food warehouses and acts almost as an auto parts store does. There is a counter in front of boxes and you place your order. I am sure it does much more business through the internet (and they are great internet retailers) than as a storefront. But hey, free shipping. I also bought myself a 12$ mountable sewing machine lamp and some new mixing cups.

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on 14 Jul 2009 8:43 AM

The birds like to taunt my cats out the back screen door.  It provides great entertainment for my family on a daily basis.  Poor Kitties.

Good luck on your shopping trip today!  I love the pretty purses they are so. . .pretty.  lol  

Geneen wrote
on 14 Jul 2009 11:11 AM

Melly -- Hi from Flag!   I've made 2 pretty purses so far using fabric from your workshop - so pretty!  But I still can't get the sides smooth up to the zipper, so hope you can post some help on that.  Re the WonderUnder, 2 years ago I took a class from Laura W and she told us about the bad batch!!  I haven't had trouble so far...but I did buy a full bolt at a yardsale recently for about a buck! and it might have troubles. Trying to get to Long Beach, but if not see you here soon.  I'm so sorry to hear about Monk.. I know you loved him so. G