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Long Beach, Baby!

29 Jul 2009

Arrow didn't want me to go to Long Beach, so he solved the problem by tucking himself into my luggage. Pretty lil guy.

But went I did! Quilt Festival is new to me, it is like one big Partay, with the added benefit of gorgeous quilts, enthusiastic friends and the ability of being able to find most any notion or cloth available. 
Above, I demonstrate machine quilting on the Bernina 440, which I am in love with. I am a Bernina Woman through and through. This machine has the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) and although I think of myself as a pretty good free motion quilter the BSR proves itself to be for beginners and veterans alike. I love it so much, I luff it!

Here is Jane schmoozin' with the best of them. I love her art and the manner in which she works, sort of rinse, wash, repeat-ish. She will create an idea, transfering sketches to canvas, say, and then stitch those small squares separate of one another to gather together when she deems herself finished.

Here is one such piece. I saw her working on this piece in... January? It didn't look like this at all. This is a detail shot though. But no dark green at that point. Now the piece is fully realized and hung in the edges special exhibition. Her piece has 412 edges to be exact.

This piece is by Jeannie Palmer Moore. I worked with her in my Soy Wax class in San Diego and I must say, I love her work. 

This piece is by Leslie Tucker Jenison, whom I met for the first time. I really like her alot! I want to plunk myself squarely in her studio and play. This too is a detail shot.

I got to spend some quality time with Jamie Fingal and Judy Coates Perez too. I wish I'd carried my camera around more.

What a great time.

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on 30 Jul 2009 7:14 PM

How fun!  My friend has one of the Bernina 440's with stitch regulator and it is SWEEEEEET to sew on.  Lots of fun.   It's nice that you were able to get up and walk around to visit with a few people.  Pokey showed some great ATC's on her blog that were inspired by your book.  There are some really amazing artists out there!!!