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3 Aug 2009


Hey, are you on facebook? I am as Mells Testa. I say that because if you are on facebook and am my friend, you have probably seen these photos before.

I am teaching Soy Wax with Paint over at Art Unraveled in balmy, Phoenix Arizona on Wednesday. Wow it's amazing how quickly we can move around this earth. I will be away for the next week and won't have a computer! Ah, joy.

I do have another Vid Prompt coming but it will have to wait till after my return.

That said, and because I need to have photos for every post, otherwise it is boring, right?

I turned 40 this week and am darned proud of it! No agist babble for me.

So as I have wishes and wants for myself, I would like to loose 5 pounds and recommit myself to walking for aerobic exercise. It was easy in Flagstaff with its miles of National Forest, here in Brooklyn it is much different. I need to start where I am though. So this is my second day of walking. I commit to 5 out of 7 days of walking each week. I prefer walking in the morning. I will loose the 5 pounds and have fun doing it.

Note to self: Get Danny Dreyer's Chi Walking out for the library.


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Maggie89 wrote
on 5 Aug 2009 2:08 PM

Happy Birthday,

40 ain't bad,

isn't it the new 30?

and its just a warm up for 50

have a great week and fun walking.

now if I only had 5 lbs to loss I'd be laughing